Ocularis VMS & Optera Surveillance

OnSSI's Ocularis 5 video management software (VMS) is now compatible with Pelco's Optera multi sensor panoramic cameras.

Ocularis 5 video management software (VMS) from OnSSI is now compatible with Pelco (by Schneider Electric) Optera multi sensor panoramic cameras. This provides a powerful system solution for numerous surveillance applications to increase situational awareness and improve overall ROI.surveillance

Optera cameras include 180°, 270°, and 360° versions in a variety of colors and mounts. All of them offer a blended and seamless panoramic viewing experience without disruption or distraction. They feature 12MPx resolution with electronic PTZ across the entire panoramic field of view. This provides high-quality, uniform image detail. The technology elevates both live and forensic scene analysis. Optera cameras also feature SureVision 2.0 technology to overcome glare, along with WDR and low light performance to deliver panoramic images in varying conditions.

Optera’s Panomersive modes include an h.264 option and a uni-stream option to accommodate additional VMS platforms. Video from the four sensors is stitched and blended at the boundaries to present users with a natural continuous panorama. Users can take in the panoramic scene and simultaneously drill down into detailed views. They can then pan, tilt, and zoom in on areas of interest.

surveillanceOcularis 5 is an intelligent, cost-effective VMS platform that simplifies workloads and management. There is no need to register camera licenses and MAC addresses. It offers network and video security with 256-bit AES encrypted communication between the recorder and Client, a scrambled recorded video database to protect the integrity of recorded video, and the ability to record directly to a NAS anywhere on the network. Ocularis 5 also features automatic load balancing for managing recordings across system servers and Critical Camera Failover to ensure continuous sight by switching to a failover camera in seconds. Further, it allows for multiple recorders to be combined under the same Base (including legacy Ocularis 4.X recorders) with centralized user and event management.

Ocularis v5.0 introduces new recording platforms and three models: Ocularis Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate. Ocularis Professional is scalable video management for small to medium single and multi-site applications. Enterprise is surveillance video management for centrally managed mid to large-scale installations. Ocularis Ultimate is video management with redundancy for large and complex environments.