New Service Spotlight: Staples Easy System

Recently Staples Business Advantage, the B2B division of Staples, Inc., introduced a purchasing platform that gives facilities the flexibility to order office supplies and services on any device, anywhere, at any supplies

Currently in testing, the platform — Staples Easy System — has been designed removes the friction from potentially cumbersome ordering processes made up of informal lists, e-mail, verbal requests, and written notes for supplies. In addition to the current suite of mobile and eCommerce tools, the Easy System allows any office employee to place an order—using e-mail, text messaging, or voice—anytime a product needs to be replenished, regardless of their location.

office suppliesThe company notes that its Staples Easy System gets smarter over time — remembering past orders and anticipating customer needs. For example, if customers request “Green Tea”, the Staples Easy System knows which brand or type of green tea is preferred in their office.

Additionally, The Staples Easy System consolidates orders from multiple employees and devices into one shopping cart, aimed at making it easy to change quantities, replace brands, delete items, and approve the final order. As the system evolves, more features will be added, like the ability to order catering or flowers, or track order status.

Staples Business Advantage customers can sign up at the link above to test the Easy System for their facilities.