OMG Metal Edge Systems

OMG TerminEdge Fascia and PermaSnap Coping are Suitable for Use on Buildings Designated as Shelters During Severe Weather

OMG EdgeSystems protect commercial roofing systems in extreme weather; the metal edge systems are a roof’s first line of defense. As such, OMG’s line of TerminEdge Fascia and PermaSnap Coping systems are suitable for use on hospitals, schools, or other buildings that are often designated as “shelters” during severe weather events.edge systems

TerminEdge is one of the industry’s strongest facia systems with Factory Mutual (FM) system ratings up to 1-315. It is ANSI/SPRI/FM-4435/ES-1 tested, FM approved, compatible with most commercial roofing systems, and available in a range of sizes from 3.75″ to 13″ to accommodate most building needs. The three-piece fascia system consists of a continuous formed galvanized or extruded aluminum retainer (depending on the rating) that is self-locating and pre-punched with slotted holes to accommodate building expansion and contraction. The snap-on fascia cover is available in 24- or 22-ga. galvanized steel, or in .040″, .050″, or .063″ aluminum (again, depending on the required rating). Matching 4″ wide concealed splice plates allow fascia covers to expand and contract without creating visible gaps.

edge systemsPermaSnap is an FM tested and approved coping system for use on parapet walls up to 32″ wide, and offers some of the highest wind ratings in the industry. PermaSnap is compatible with most roofing systems and is available with face heights of 4″ to 12″.

The highest performing PermaSnap system comes with heavy duty 16-ga. galvanized steel clips, 6″ wide concealed splices with integral gutter, and snap-on coping cover. A dual hook cover profile provides a clean professional look and offers up to an FM 1-120 system wind protection rating for walls up to 28″ wide. Snap on covers are available in 24- or 22-ga. galvanized steel or .04″, .05″, .063″, or .08″. aluminum.

“We’ve seen an increase in the frequency and severity of storms across the U.S. in the past few years. With these changing weather patterns, it’s important that design professionals carefully evaluate the roof’s edge system whenever specifying a roof for a hospital, school, or any building designated as a shelter during a major storm,” said Patrick O’Connor, product manager for OMG EdgeSystems. “We have a long and successful history of supplying high performance edge systems for these types of facilities.”

Both TerminEdge and PermaSnap edge metal systems are available with a 25-year Category 5 wind warranty for wind-speeds up to 155 mph. All OMG EdgeSystems products are supplied in 10′ lengths for easy handling on the roof. In addition, users have a choice of 31 standard colors to match virtually any design requirements.