OMG Roofing Introduces Free Wind Calculator

Online tool determines the uplift requirements for anyone specifying an edge metal system

OMG Roofing Products introduced a comprehensive Wind Calculator for the commercial roofing industry that determines the uplift requirements for a building’s edge metal (i.e., fascia or coping) system. The calculator, available on the OMG Roofing App as well as at, is based on the latest IBC and ASCE standards. Specifiers, contractors, and end-users provide a few pieces of data for immediate project design pressure information.wind calculator

Required inputs include project zip code, building height, project name, wind exposure category (B, C or D), as well as the building’s classification or risk category. “Smart” software allows users to provide a specific wind speed value for the project, or use a specific ASCE 7 version to look up values.

Unlike other wind calculators on the market, the OMG Wind Calculator provides comprehensive data for each of the various zones on the roof, including pressures for the perimeter, corners, and field of the roof, as well as horizontal wall pressure and the calculated vertical and horizontal design pressures. The results also present the actual wind speed and velocity pressure. With the information provided, users can select the best OMG EdgeSystems product that meets the design requirements.

“This is an excellent and highly valuable new tool for anyone specifying an edge metal system,” said Karan Patel, product manager for OMG EdgeSystems. “Our goal was to provide an easy-to-use system that presents specifiers and contractors with the detailed pressure information they need to design an effective edge metal system. Based on the simplicity of this calculator, we are confident that the market will be very pleased with the results.”

The calculator is free to use and available at, and on the OMG Roofing App, which is available on the App Store or Google Play.


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