On-demand Safety Labeling Solution

Brother Mobile Solutions product allows for easy creation of compliant safety signage and labels

Brother Mobile Solutions, a provider of mobile, desktop, and industrial printing and labeling solutions, introduced an agile, on-demand printing solution for the quick creation of safety signage and labels for workplaces and public spaces. The new, on-demand Safety Labeling Solution pairs a Brother thermal transfer 4″ printer with intuitive safety signage design software, as well as a variety of label, ribbon, color, and size options needed to create signage for OSHA, ANSI, NEC, and other safety standards and codes.

Safety LabelingThe solution answers a demand for safety signage to help ensure workplace safety and comply with changing regulatory environments. It features the Brother TD-4750TNWBCS safety and facility label printer, LabelSuite™ design software as well as labels and ribbons that help users of all skill levels to create compliant color and format safety signage and industrial labels when and where they are needed.

The Brother TD-4750TNWBCS features thermal transfer print technology and 300 dpi high-resolution labels. The integrated cutter allows users to print and apply, no scissors needed. And a drop-in design combined with leading software compatibility makes printing multiple label formats easier.

Safety Labeling“Now, more than ever, safety is top of mind for everyone in the workplace,” said Craig Robinson, RCDD and Director of Industrial Solutions at Brother. “Whether complying with new safe distancing guidelines, facility changes, or information that workers or visitors need to be immediately aware of—this solution helps eliminate the need to buy unneeded quantities or endure long wait times for pre-printed signage.”

The Safety Labeling Solution supports a wide variety of applications and print needs, including equipment labels, biohazard signs, and danger high voltage signs, as well as other signage and labels for:

  • Pipe Marking – Users can print compliant pipe marking on-demand. A design software assistant guides users through correct fonts and sizes to create labels in the right colors and format. Help power compliant pipe marking.
  • Secondary GHS Labeling – Identify hazardous materials using the software assistant to help design compliant secondary GHS labels on-demand, with labels that include pre-printed diamond options, formats, and colors.
  • Arc Flash Labeling – Communicate critical and life-saving information and safeguard OSHA and NECA compliance with commonly used arc flash label templates and pre-printed warning, danger, or orange header labels.
  • General Safety Signage – Ready-to-go templates and endless customization enables your organization to visually communicate safety hazards and required protective action to workers and support OSHA compliance.
  • 5S Labeling – Adapt with changing 5S environment and keep workspaces clearly marked with ready-to go templates and supplies for easy rack and bin labels, red tag areas, zone identification, and more.

“Worker safety is not a ‘one and done’ activity. Operations, spaces, regulations, and worker needs are constantly evolving, and organizations must be able to keep up,” said Todd Morse, a Senior Accounts Manager at Brother and host of live video podcast B.S. with Todd. This new on-demand solution gives you the best of both worlds, with labels that can be made quickly right where they are needed, yet are durable enough to last for years even in the toughest environments.”

The Brother TD-4750TNWBCS safety and facility label printer also prints high quality barcode labels for warehouse and shipping, price item labels, and a multitude of other applications in manufacturing, warehouse, enterprise, and retail environments.


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