OnePlus Systems Rebrands To Contelligent

A provider of smart waste and recycling monitoring solutions for more than 30 years, OnePlus Systems has a new name as it continues to expand its intelligent container monitoring and analytics solutions.

OnePlus Systems, global leader in intelligent container monitoring and analytics solutions, has announced that it has changed its name to Contelligent. This comes as part of a rebranding effort to build on its market momentum and reflect the company’s growth strategy and solutions.

“Contelligent reflects the growth and direction of a company fast on the move but with strong roots in its past,” said Stacey Kacek, CEO of Contelligent. “Further, the name Contelligent brings together all our container monitoring solutions under a single brand, advanced analytics, and a superior user experience.”

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OnePlus Systems has been the pioneer and market leader in smart waste and recycling monitoring solutions for more than 30 years. In 2016, as demand continued to rise for using devices to automate action based on container fullness levels across industries and container types, OnePlus Systems expanded its intelligent monitoring and analytics capabilities with the acquisition of Smartbin, a smart monitoring solutions provider with specialization in fresh oil, waste oil, textiles, clothing, and underground bins.

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Built with reliable sensor and cloud software, Contelligent provides transparency and control into a facility’s waste and recycling activities.  Whether for recycling or solid waste, Contelligent  provides fullness monitoring of compactors creating visibility into operations.

The company continues to grow beyond North America with expansion in Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. As OnePlus Systems expanded to become the leading global smart technology solutions provider for container management, so did the power of its capabilities through innovation in analytics. “The name, Contelligent, builds upon the idea that the information from within containers produce powerful insights that drive action to enable greater operational savings and benefit,” said Keith Woodward, EVP marketing of Contelligent. “We are transforming the way organizations view and manage their container operations.”

To further build upon their momentum, the company has also announced the One+ Partner program. “Our program is a community of partners that rely on our platform to provide world-class service and support in the industry,” said Jim Pattermann, chief sales officer. “Our goal is to organize a skilled team of partners, committed to growing with us, expanding their businesses, and staying ahead of the market, while providing customers with the best quality of service imagined.”

Today, organizations in every industry face challenges in managing container assets. Contelligent solutions focus on delivering effective container operation programs to help advance an organization’s ability to achieve greater operational savings and benefit.