OnSSI Ocularis 5.3 Surveillance Software

Enhancements provide greater mobility, better bandwidth utilization, and more versatility

Ocularis version 5.3 improves overall security with new features and enhancements to OnSSI’s Ocularis Video Management System (VMS). This surveillance software adds new scalable Web and Mobile apps, as well as Ocularis Client bandwidth optimization, wide angle image dewarping, additional Smart Camera Drivers, and Windows Server 2016 support, all while keeping its responsive and intuitive user interface.

surveillance softwareOcularis is an open platform video management software designed to enhance security while simplifying daily workloads. This surveillance software can scale up to accommodate an infinite number of cameras to match growing system needs. Ocularis lets users record both analog video and video from newly integrated IP network cameras, and can become a Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) platform, putting users in control of advanced tools and enhanced integrations like smart motion detection, access control, biometrics, and behavior analytics.

“Ocularis continues to push the envelope for VMS functionality and performance,” said Ken LaMarca, VP of Sales & Marketing, OnSSI. “This latest release of Ocularis addresses the industry’s continuously growing demand for more versatility and functionality to implement more sophisticated security solutions.”

To help keep users informed at all times, the new Ocularis 5 Web allows simultaneously viewing of multiple live and recorded camera streams on an improved and intuitive user interface. Automatic bandwidth optimization allows system administrators to control the streams from remote locations to ensure there is sufficient bandwidth available even if pulling video from a remote location over broadband. All Ocularis alerts and events stream to the Ocularis 5 Web interface where they can be viewed and sorted by priority with enhanced control of PTZ cameras.

The new Ocularis 5 Mobile provides comprehensive event and alert processing right from the mobile app along with the ability to stream live video from an Android smartphone to Ocularis. Also available on the Android platform is the ability to pinpoint locations on an online map on Ocularis 5 Mobile. This allows users to see mobile operator locations in maps on Ocularis Client and view their streaming cameras. This provides security personnel in the field with the ability to upload live video directly from their smartphone as events are unfolding. Uploaded video can then be recorded and redistributed to authorities. Camera selection is also more intuitive, and views can be seen in various formats with regular and alert recordings identified by color. GPS location features for mapping and notification sounds are also included. Ocularis 5 Mobile is available for free on the Google Play and Apple App stores, and is optimized for 3G and 4G networks.

Additional Ocularis surveillance software enhancements include expanded dewarping support for wide angle images, new Smart Camera Drivers for Bosch and FLIR P and FT series cameras, and an updated Smart Camera Driver for Axis and Hikvision to add new cameras and support for Windows Server 2016. Ocularis 5.3 also includes 64-bit versions of every Ocularis system component: Client, Administrator, Event Proxy, Base, Recorder, and Media Server.

Ocularis 5.3 is offered in three models: Professional, designed for organizations operating multiple locations with small to mid-sized camera counts; Enterprise, built for a wide range of mid to large IT-centric organizations; and Ultimate, created for large organizations with demanding command and control needs and recording server failover.