OnSSI & Oncam Increase Situational Awareness

OnSSI Ocularis VMS seamlessly integrates with Oncam Evolution 12 and Evolution 180 cameras

OnSSI and Oncam have partnered to seamlessly integrate the companies’ VMS and panoramic camera solutions. The integration of Oncam’s Evolution 12 Series and Evolution 180 Outdoor and Indoor Panoramic Cameras with OnSSI’s recently released Ocularis 5.6 VMS provides an efficient means to further improve situational awareness and reduce overall costs.

“This latest integration leverages the extensive camera management and control capabilities of Ocularis with the performance and wide area surveillance capabilities of Oncam’s industry-leading panoramic imaging solutions,” said Ken LaMarca, VP of Sales & Marketing, OnSSI. “OnSSI recognized the myriad advantages of panoramic technology early on, and continues to support the implementation of these wide area imaging solutions for enhanced general surveillance applications.”

Oncam’s Evolution 12 (12MP) and Evolution 180 (6MP) series fisheye cameras integrate with OnSSI’s Ocularis VMS to provide high resolution 360° and 180° views, respectively. Dewarping is performed on live and recorded images using a new plug-in for Ocularis, with the ability to view a variety of pre-configured camera views with electronic PTZ control for better situational awareness.

situational awareness
Oncam’s Evolution 12
Indoor Camera

Evolution 12 series cameras fully support the PoE standard. They offer simultaneous multiple video streams with resolutions from 544×512 to 3200×3000 and up to 4x1MP VCams via on board dewarping. Available in either a black or white finish, the Evolution 12 cameras are suitable for any ceiling, wall, or table mounted applications. A range of mounting accessories is available including pole, pendant, and corner brackets and a sunshield. The line includes indoor, concealed, recessed, and outdoor versions.

The Evolution 180 Indoor and Outdoor cameras were specifically designed for applications that require a dewarped panoramic view of a scene, without blind spots, from a single sensor camera. The 5:2 Panoramic+ stream provides a balance between image quality and bandwidth efficiency. In addition, when mounting on an angle, Oncam’s Angle Compensation Technology corrects the view, straightening vertical lines in the scene. The Evolution 180 Indoor offers true day/night functionality that allows images to be produced in all lighting conditions, including additional IR lighting. The camera is provided with three different mounting back boxes (0°, 25°, and 45°), which also double up as pendant mount. The Evolution 180 Outdoor is IP66, IP67, IP68, IP69K, and IK10+ rated, making the camera suitable for tough environments.

situational awareness
OnSSI’s Ocularis 5.6

OnSSI’s newly released Ocularis 5.6 VMS enhances overall performance and operator functionality, delivers cybersecurity enhancement through heightened system security with fortified dual authentication measures, and provides enhanced mobile and web access capabilities. These latest improvements combine to further empower users with a best-in-class VMS solution and experience powered by OnSSI Ocularis’ high performance engine.

“Partnering with OnSSI makes it easy to implement Oncam’s Evolution 12 Series and Evolution 180 Outdoor and Indoor Panoramic Cameras on their powerful Ocularis VMS platform, providing users with an extremely efficient and cost-effective imaging solution,” said John Haspel, Director of Technology Programs, Oncam. “In addition to increasing overall situational awareness, users can significantly reduce their Total Cost of Operation (TCO) by deploying fewer cameras and eliminating all of the related equipment, installation and maintenance expenses related to them.”