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View this free video webinar to examine the challenges for power and data placement in open plan offices and see examples of high-powered workstations that pair raceways with simple furnishings.​

Optimized Connectivity For Changing Office Spaces

Flexibility is one of the most important attributes of an open plan office design, but it can’t exist without a way to put power and data everywhere your employees need it.

Facility managers and building owners are increasingly focusing on creating multipurpose spaces that can transform to meet different needs throughout the day and evening in order to maximize their return on investment – and they need connectivity to match.

racewaysView this free video webinar and you’ll:

  • Examine the traditional challenges for power and data placement in open plan offices.​
  • Review the typical issues that flexible spaces face to change power configurations.​​
  • Learn how floor-mounted raceways allow easier renovation as the workspace evolves.​​
  • See some examples of how to create high-powered workstations by pairing raceways with simple furnishings.​

A video of the presentation, “Optimized Connectivity For Changing Office Spaces” — sponsored by Connectrac and brought to you by Facility Executive — is now available.

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Optimized Connectivity for Changing Office Space