Oregon State Credit Union Eliminates Rental Rug Trip Hazard

Switching to Grippy Mat has given Oregon State Credit Union control over their floors — and their floor mat costs — in more ways than they imagined.

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Oregon State Credit Union is in business for one reason: to serve their membership. Unlike banks, credit unions are not-for-profit financial institutions that are directly accountable to their members. Earnings are returned to them in the form of competitive rates and fees, a wide variety of financial products and higher levels of service.

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“We’re a leader in helping people and providing financial solutions to make lives better for our members and the community,” said Priscilla Rietmann, Director of Administrative Services.

Since Oregon State Credit Union’s mission is to look out for their members’ well-being, they strive to control costs while they keep their 14 branch offices clean, safe and appealing. For many years, the credit union depended on rented logo mats to welcome members and capture dirt and water in entrances. But despite their best efforts, they couldn’t resolve these three persistent problems with their rental service:

  1. The rented logo mats were a trip hazard.
  2. The rented logo mats soiled easily.
  3. The rental contract was costly.

Download this free white paper from New Pig and find out how Oregon State Credit Union solved these problems with Grippy Mat.

Oregon State Credit Union Eliminates Rental Rug Trip Hazard