Origami Risk Launches Four Online Safety, Risk Management Tools

Origami’s new online tools support environment, health, and safety professionals in four areas: Job safety analysis, chemical management, lockout/tagout, and safety meetings.

Risk, safety, and insurance Software as a Service (SaaS) technology firm Origami Risk has launched four new online safety and risk management tools, expanding its suite of web-based and mobile solutions for environment, health, and safety (EHS) professionals.

safety and risk management“As part of their focus on building strong safety cultures and driving operational excellence, EHS professionals must lead and manage a wide range of routine safety initiatives involving personnel, materials handling, assets and equipment, operational risk, regulatory compliance, and communication and training methods,” said Sean Salvas, senior market strategy lead-EHS at Origami Risk. “These new tools complement our existing resources and help EHS professionals perform many everyday responsibilities faster, more efficiently and with greater transparency to drive continuous improvement and best practices in the world of EHS and risk.”

Origami’s new tools support EHS professionals in the following areas:

  • Job safety analysis (JSA). This online tool provides a framework for performing detailed safety and hazard analyses for specific tasks, activities, or jobs, including potential injury risks, health and safety protocols, training and protective equipment requirements, and tracking for compliance and updates. Individual JSAs can be organized by role, location, facility, department, or supervisor for ready access and review based on risk level, accident rate, and controls in place, among other factors.
  • Chemical management. This tool facilitates creation of an online, readily accessible compliance library of safety data sheets (SDS), typically generated by manufacturers or suppliers with details on product hazards and safety precautions. Along with inventory and chemical request capabilities, this tool helps enterprises satisfy Hazard Communications (HAZCOM) and Global Harmonized System (GHS) standards.
  • Lockout/tagout (LOTO). Online tool accessible by desktop, laptop, or other mobile device to manage and communicate all lockout/tagout safety procedures throughout the enterprise, including power source settings and verification steps to ensure dangerous machinery is properly shut down and unable to be restarted until completion of necessary maintenance or repair work.
  • Safety meetings. Online tool for EHS professionals to organize, schedule, and report team meetings and attendance, record and communicate minutes and takeaways focusing on specific safety issues, reinforce safety culture, and facilitate health and safety discussions at individual work locations or across the enterprise.

The four new tools build on Origami’s existing suite of EHS solutions, including dashboards and pre-configured online tools to help EHS and risk professionals in various industries speed up enterprise-wide implementation of safety initiatives. Available via web and mobile, they facilitate timely and efficient incident investigations, internal and external reporting, safety auditing, inspections and monitoring, corrective action assessment and effectiveness, and regulatory compliance.

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