Orion Sensor Delivers Occupancy & Wellness Data

Constellation offers private people counting and can provide contactless heart and breathing rates

The Constellation™ sensor from Orion Entrance Control, Inc. provides the data needed to understand occupancy and meet safety needs—without compromising privacy. Data analytics in real time and historical statistics for companies help users make data driven decisions.

sensorConstellation uses close-range radar-based sensors that provide accurate, but anonymous data of human micro-movement. It detects human breathing and heart rate signal within seconds, and is completely private with no cameras or microphones. This small, discreet unit uses minimal power and requires no assembly. Frequency is from 6.5 GHz to 8 GHz. Sensor signals can penetrate wood or thin glass but not concrete or metal.

Constellation also features patented Xandar Kardian technology for remote health monitoring. Xandar Kardian is the world’s first and only commercially available FDA 510(k) cleared class II medical device for non-invasive contact free monitoring of motion, resting heart rate, respiratory rate, and even presence detection of a patient using radar technology. Xandar Kardian is cleared for use in general hospitals, in nursing homes (all categories, including SNF, AL, IL, AAL, Memory Care), and in residential homes for home health monitoring (qualifies for CPT CODE 99454, Medicare/Medicaid Reimbursement).

Constellation can be customized with the following functions:

  • Star-IO (In & Out) helps optimize space utilization by providing a count of individuals moving in and out of the designated areas.
  • Star Detects PD (Presence Detection) detects micro-movements, breathing and heart rate, to determine if individuals are present or equally important, not present.
  • Star ZC (Zone Counter) is an occupancy counter that can determine how many individuals are in a given zone and for how long, allowing companies to know the best way to organize and manage their spaces.
  • Star-VS (Vital Signs) detects breathing, heart rates, and coughing to monitor the wellness of individuals

The real-time data can be an indicator of where additional retail staff should be deployed, when restrooms should be cleaned or may need toilet paper replaced, and improve customer experience by more effectively and efficiently allocating staff based on live data. Historic foot traffic patterns can provide insights into marketing effectiveness. In fact, the ability to combine foot traffic, dwell time, sales transactions, and other metrics means retail businesses can use the Constellation sensor to create a formula to analyze the value of various marketing tactics down to a conversion level.

Orion Entrance Control, Inc. is participating at ISC West 2021. From the entrance to the back-office, the company has brought technologies to help drive greater data and metrics to maximize business efficiencies and a higher level of safety and security practices.


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