OSCRE Academy Data Governance Program

The recently launched academy offers a web-based curriculum with instruction on tools to manage commercial real estate data.

OSCRE International stepped forward to address the data challenges faced by commercial real estate (CRE) professionals and their organizations, announcing the launch of the OSCRE Academy and its Data Governance Certificate Program. OSCRE is a collaboration of organizations and individuals focused on the development and implementation of real estate standards.data governance

OSCRE’s program is the first of its kind in the industry and addresses critical areas of data governance, including data integration and aggregation, and the impact of emerging technologies. Effective data governance means better data for analytics, and improved ability to meet industry compliance requirements such as the new FASB and IFRS reporting requirements. OSCRE’s Data Governance Program includes 10 web-based sessions presented by a faculty of industry experts who bring practical experience from multiple perspectives in CRE information management.

“Real estate professionals are besieged by extraordinary amounts of data from many directions and they struggle with how best to manage it and use it,” said David Karpook, Chairman of OSCRE. “The real challenge is developing an effective approach to data governance that is implemented throughout the organization and with its business partners. It calls for specialized skills and commitment from everyone in every business unit, working together to optimize performance.”

The OSCRE Data Governance Program was designed to address a skills gap in the industry, and provides participants with the tools and guidance to build new capabilities in their own organizations. Effective data governance starts with a standards-based approach to information management. Starting June 21, 2017, the program delivers sessions every 3-4 weeks for the next nine months. The program will equip participants with the knowledge base and a guide to put what they’ve learned into practice. Students enrolling in the OSCRE Academy have up to a year to complete the program and earn OSCRE’s Data Governance Certificate.

“Information is the new currency,” said Lisa Stanley, OSCRE’s CEO. “Data governance education is an investment with a strong ROI that prepares people to better manage the information that drives performance in their organization. There is an urgent need for this training, and we’re looking forward to the positive impact it will have on building skills for the participants, their organizations and the industry.”