OUS Offers Energy Savings as a Service

Upgrade existing energy infrastructure to energy-efficient solutions without upfront costs

Energy Savings as a Service (ESaaS) from Onsite Utility Services Capital (OUS Capital) is a program that allows companies, facilities, and organizations of every size to upgrade their existing energy infrastructure to modern, energy-efficient solutions—but without the up-front financial requirements typically associated with such a project.energy savings

“Smart business leaders and stakeholders understand the positive financial impact delivered by energy-efficient solutions,” says Fritz Kreiss, Founder and CEO of OUS Capital. “What has stopped so many of them from implementing those solutions is the up-front investment requirements that can come with such a project. Energy Savings as a Service solves that problem in one simple solution, making energy efficiency easy.”

Through Energy Savings as a Service, an entire building, facility, or property can undergo a complete energy efficiency upgrade, using as many as a dozen modern and cutting-edge options. The entire cost of the upgrade project is fronted by OUS Capital, with the client paying for the upgrade costs only from the savings the upgrade generates. Most importantly, ESaaS is not a loan, so it does not attach as a debt on the client’s balance sheet.

Energy Savings as a Service is completed in five steps:

1. Audit & Planning
First, OUS conducts a full on-site energy audit to gather pertinent data about your situation, and work closely with you in planning the solution that best optimizes both savings & efficiency.

2. Design & Review
Next, OUS works with your leadership and facility managers to optimize the right design that meets both your performance and aesthetic requirements, while delivering on an expected energy and capital improvement savings. Everything is focused on developing the right solution fitting your unique situation and savings objectives.

3. Upgrade & Install
Now, OUS’s team of energy experts procure, upgrade, and install the right efficiency equipment. Installation is handled by a member of the company’s nationwide network of qualified and tested installers.

4. Client Confirmation
Once the installation is completed, OUS will review all the details with your management team to ensure they have met your upgrade objectives. Keep in mind—all this has been accomplished while you still have not paid anything out of pocket. Only when you are completely satisfied will OUS consider the installation project complete.

5. Your Savings Begins
You see energy savings from the day you go live. There is nothing due or owed to Onsite Utility Services Capital—all costs for the project are taken from the savings generated from the upgrades. OUS continues to maintain and service all the equipment throughout the term of the agreement, taking the burden off your shoulders.

The ability to link multiple building or facility sites into a single bundled service package means that ESaaS can deliver energy efficiency results for any-sized company, organization, or municipality. It covers all facets of energy consumption—electricity, water, and gas—for lighting, HVAC, power optimization, water conservation in every way your building uses and consumes energy.

The program includes all the necessary equipment and materials, installation, and all support and maintenance for the duration of the service term.

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