Outdoor Power Charging Stations From Legrand

Legrand has introduced a line of Outdoor Power Charging Stations for mobile devices, its first in a series of permanent outdoor power offerings from the company. These robust pedestals combine charging outlets with lighting elements to support the growing demand for mobile connectivity in outdoor spaces. The Outdoor Power Charging Stations are composed of three charging station models, all available in three standard finishes: black, bronze, and silver (custom colors also available).

outdoor power
Charging Station with Area Light

Each station includes a combination of two or three gangs of power devices, including USB charging, and can also be used for A/V or communications connectivity if desired.

The Charging Station with Accent Light includes a small LED locator light to enable device charging during the day and after dark. The station stands out from traditional bollards by virtue of the accent light, which clearly indicates “charging.”

The Charging Station with Area Light features a large LED to provide pathway or area lighting. By combining charging with an LED area light, facility managers can eliminate the need for a stand-alone bollard.

outdoor power
Power Pedestal for outdoor charging

The third version, the Power Pedestal, does not include an LED light. This pedestal is designed for areas that are already illuminated, such as outdoor dining spaces, or for areas where a lower-profile solution is desired.

All charging stations are NEMA 3R-rated for use in outdoor spaces.

“Facilities are beginning to focus on designing more productive outdoor spaces. From corporate facilities to higher education institutions, facility managers are being asked to identify ways to encourage collaboration and social engagement outdoors,” said Sabrina Eckert, Legrand product manager. “Legrand saw the need to provide convenient and safe access to permanent power outdoors, enhancing the usability of those spaces to promote longer stays, better productivity and more positive experiences.”