Pacific Floorcare WAV-26 Upright Vacuum

26" wide area upright features CRI certification, HEPA filtration, and on-board tools

The WAV-26 from Pacific Floorcare® is a 26″ wide area upright vacuum. It is Purpose Built™ for daily vacuuming of medium hallways, large rooms with multiple obstacles, banquet room detailing, large entry mats and lobbies, and many other carpeted spaces.

upright vacuumThe WAV-26 includes a 33% larger bag capacity than competitive models (14.1 quarts), on-board tools with a 15′ reach, and extended life due to rotomold construction and dual motor thermal protection. In addition, the upright vacuum features HEPA filtration, leading sounds levels at <70 dBa, and on-board tools—part number 655411 is without on-board tool kit and part number 655413 is with on-board tool kit.

CRI certified, the WAV-26 has a brush drive system with .3 horsepower (hp); a 1,200 rpm brush; and a 2,500 rpm brush motor. The brush belt system is a 5M V-belt with a four row, 180° chevron bristle type; a 23″ brush width; a 3″ brush diameter; and five brush height settings (hand lever adjusted). The 1.15 hp, two-stage vacuum motor has a 94 cfm and a 90″ sealed water lift.

The WAV-26 vacuum hose is 3′ long (stretched to 15′ with kit) and 1.5″ in diameter. Wand length is 3′. The electrical system is 115V and consumes 9 amps with a 50′ safety yellow power cord. The upright vacuum measures 37″ L (operating position) x 27″ W x 37″ H (operating position) and weighs 67 pounds with the cord.