Partnership Helps Produce Hygienic Facilities

Stonhard & PolySto Bring Hygienic Solution to Food & Beverage Facilities

Stonhard, manufacturer and installer of seamless, resinous floors, walls, and linings, recently announced its exclusive U.S. partnership with PolySto, European producer of hygienic wall protection for the food and beverage industry. Combining the seamless flooring with prefabricated, highly-durable, water-resistant curb/wall systems offers the ultimate hygienic facilities.

hygienic facilitiesStonhard and PolySto recognized that in working together they could bring a superior floor and wall solution to food and beverage facilities where food safety and hygiene are of vital importance. Seamless curbs and seamless flooring unite to ensure dirt and bacteria have no place to harbor and grow, thereby saving clients time and money on replacing and repairing spaces within their facility. Heavy traffic from forklifts and wet floors can lead to hazards and damage which can also worsen a facility’s hygienic quality. With materials that are chemical, impact, and water-resistant from both Stonhard and PolySto, food and beverage environments can maintain a superior standard.

PolySto curbs offer protection for wall panels against trolleys, hand pallets and forklifts, preventing water infiltration, skirting of the wall/floor junction, and hollow space for more hygienic facilities. Curbs used in food processing environments where hygiene is a priority should be constructed with materials that are chemical-, impact-, and water-resistant. Polymer composite curbs and plinths provide a solution to the hygiene challenges posed by curbs composed of concrete. Prefabricated polymer composite curb systems are made by mixing polyester resins and quartz granulates with the surface and then finished with a bacteriostatic and shock-resistant polyester gel coat surface. In the production of these curbs, a monolithic system is created by molding together the polyester quartz mass with the polyester gel coat covering. Both materials have the same chemical structure (polyester), which creates a strong curb that is easy to clean, water- and chemical-resistant, and repairable.

Stonhard offers hygienic, slip-resistant, and long-lasting surfaces in multiple formulations that stand up to harsh chemical spills, thermal shock, thermal cycling, and frequent cleaning. Stonhard also carries HACCP International Certification on its flooring systems for the food and beverage industry.

Stonhard offers a single-source warranty on both products and installation. The company’s team of project engineers and construction management experts evaluate facilities and work with clients from start to finish, meeting all their requirements.