PassiveLogic Debuts Generative AI For Autonomous Buildings

PassiveLogic is a generative AI platform designed to enable autonomy for any controlled building and system.


PassiveLogic revealed its generative AI platform for building and system autonomy.
PassiveLogic revealed its generative AI platform for building and system autonomy.

PassiveLogic revealed PassiveLogic, a generative AI platform for enabling autonomy for any controlled building and system.

PassiveLogic was designed to empower anyone to design and implement their own autonomous system using the Quantum Standard, a physics-based digital twin ontology that emulates and predicts a building’s operational needs with real-time control at the edge. This ability is a fundamental requirement for unlocking the technology PassiveLogic calls ‘generative autonomy’, which advances artificial intelligence (AI) technology from monolithically trained, single-purpose applications to flexible, dynamic general-purpose systems. The digital twin standard encapsulates the physics of the objects it represents. With this self-knowledge, objects on the Quantum Standard understand how they should function and their role in the overall system, unlocking a key performance requirement for fully autonomous predictive control. Thus, enabling autonomous systems that beginners to experts can apply to many different domains in multipurpose ways.

PassiveLogic has built an ecosystem of six digital twin-based applications that enable end-to-end workflow for the whole building life cycle: Design, Build, Operate, Maintain, and Manage. Anyone will be able to begin experimenting with generative autonomy with three of the software products in December 2023:

  • Building Studio: A generative modeling tool and design environment for building energy engineers and architects powered by Quantum. Building Studio enables fast 3D design, site modeling, and energy analysis for buildings all in one software application.
  • Quantum Lens: Quantum Lens is a mobile generative design app that makes it easy to scan and survey new projects, commission installed systems and IoT devices, store your digital twins in our Hive platform for off-line use at the project site, and interact with live digital twin data in an AR view in the building and across all PassiveLogic tools.
  • Quantum Explorer/Quantum API: Quantum Explorer is a software tool that empowers users with a real digital twin integrated development environment (IDE). With the Query Builder, users can visually explore their own physics-based digital twins by dragging and dropping objects and attributes. Once created, they use the built-in GraphQL interface to see what that query looks like in the Quantum API syntax.

To function for industrial and edge applications, PassiveLogic assembled a large differentiable compiler team, which has advanced differentiable Swift in its AI compiler, powering training times 322x faster than TensorFlow and 238x faster than PyTorch.

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