Pelco’s Enhanced VideoXpert Video Management System

Improved User Experience, Integrations, and Architecture Heighten Security

VideoXpert™ from Pelco by Schneider Electric is a Video Management System (VMS) that has been enhanced. Designed to deliver control with confidence, it incorporates the latest advancements in system navigation to ensure simple set-up and ease of operation for any size deployment, along with numerous integrations which allow the management and control platform to be customized to meet a user’s specific needs.

video management system“As integrated surveillance and security systems become more complex, ease of operation becomes critical to ensure that system operators can easily manage large volumes of cameras and related security solutions. VideoXpert delivers a superior user experience to ensure comprehensive control with extreme confidence,” said Diane Feliciano, VP, Global Marketing, Pelco by Schneider Electric. “VideoXpert effortlessly displays what users need to see, when it’s needed so they can make fast, effective decisions to keep their facilities safer and more secure.”

VideoXpert is a video management system that can be deployed as software on a facility’s own server/equipment; as an upgrade/migration on existing Pelco Endura or Digital Sentry VMS hardware; or as an end-to-end system with all new Pelco hardware. It improves centralized management and control of integrated surveillance and security solutions on a flexible and infinitely scalable platform. This provides users with greater situational awareness so they can make more timely decisions and execute decisive action. Built on an open architecture platform, VideoXpert enables third-party applications—including video analytics, license plate recognition (LPR), and Point of Sale (PoS)—to be cost-effectively integrated for highly specialized deployments. To ensure reliability, VideoXpert eliminates single points of failure through fault-tolerant software, distributed architecture, and multiple levels of redundancy.

Microsoft® Windows®-based, VideoXpert supplies simplified interfaces and consists of four major components: Core, Media Gateway, Ops Center, and storage manager. The Core performs central management operations, maintaining the system database, administering user rights and permissions, routing traffic, and other central operations. The Media Gateway handles all requests for video, ensuring that users at all levels of network access, LAN, WAN, and even cellular, receive the right type of video for their application. The Ops Center Client is the operator console, providing an intuitive interface from which users can access and investigate video throughout the system. The storage manager (VSM) records video and provides access to recordings.

Recent enhancements to the VideoXpert video management system include: improved operator efficiency with synced playback on multiple monitors; easier access for users with remote cameras over WAN; and alarm response optimization that allows operators to quickly see live video associated with any triggered alarm.