Pennsylvania Community To Improve IAQ, Save Projected $2.9M

An Energy Performance Contracting program from ABM will improve indoor air quality across multiple Green County, PA facilities.

In Greene County, PA, the initiation of an Energy Performance Contracting Program by ABM will create a projected $2.9 million in energy and operating cost savings over a 20-year period. The custom solution empowers Greene County to improve indoor air quality for county employees and community members across multiple facilities.

Greene County, Pennsylvania
Greene County is located in the southwestern corner of Pennsylvania, approximately one hour south of Pittsburgh. Shown here is Waynesburg. (Photo: Greene County Tourist Promotion Agency)

In addition to energy savings and operational cost reductions for eight Greene County facilities from improved lighting, HVAC, and water conservation upgrades, the project provides Needlepoint Bi-polar Ionization equipment — a pathogen, and particle control measure — for multiple county offices, the county jail, and courthouse. The project also addresses roofing improvements and upgrades to building automation and controls.

“It’s not just about one pandemic, it’s about better use of our community’s resources going forward,” said Mike Belding, Chairman of the Greene County Board of Commissioners. “We’re using less energy, increasing systems’ reliability, saving precious financial resources, and keeping the air healthier for community members and county employees using those spaces every day. This is a 20-year capital projects improvement and maintenance program guaranteed to save county taxpayers money through the life of the program.”

ABM’s Energy Performance Contracting Program enables local governments and others, such as schools and federal agencies, to invest in critical facility needs like air quality, infrastructure, and sustainability goals. The program is designed to drive costs out of a facility’s operating budget, redirecting savings to fund mission critical facility needs. This video outlines how ABM provides custom technical and financial solutions for government facilities without upfront costs or tax increases.

“Keeping indoor air safer now demands more of ventilation systems, while there are also sustainability goals to achieve and community resources to preserve,” said Mark Hawkinson, President of ABM Technical Solutions. “Our energy projects take the competition out of the equation to meet multiple demands together: reducing energy use, cutting operating costs, and prioritizing indoor air quality.”