Phigenics Offers Rapid Response For Water Management Programs

The firm's Water Management Services (WMS) Rapid Response - COVID-19 Adaptive Reuse of Space service aids facility managers and building owners adapting or reopening facilities for alternative uses.

Unoccupied building spaces are being considered for alternative uses during the COVID-19 public health response. This impacts healthcare, hospitality, education, commercial businesses, or convention and sport venues. Opening facilities without proper water management commissioning services can lead to illness from waterborne hazards like Legionella. Water quality in unoccupied areas may not be safe for patient care operations or human consumption. Phigenics, a firm based in Warrenville, IL, has a deep list of experienced professionals throughout the U.S. that can support facilities with water safety concerns prior to commissioning building spaces for alternative use.

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Recently, Phinegics announced its Water Management Services (WMS) Rapid Response – COVID-19 Adaptive Reuse of Space service. This new service delivers key commissioning protocols and validation testing to help facility management and building owners address water safety and risk management issues emerging from the reuse of space during an urgent response. All services can be delivered remotely if required.

The company’s WMS Rapid Response – COVID-19 Adaptive Reuse of Space service includes commissioning protocols, microbio panel analysis, and water chemistry analysis. The service aligns with ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 188 (2018), and proper flushing and disinfection protocols for building water distribution systems from Building Owner’s occupancy through the first business day of operations.

Facilities considering the following COVID-19 responses can benefit from this service:

  • Newly constructed space or buildings
  • Re-opening unoccupied space
  • Adaptive reuse for temporary occupancy for emergency response
  • Changing occupancy or user type
  • Authorities commandeering facilities for alternative use

“During the COVID-19 pandemic public health response there is need for the adaptive reuse of buildings to serve a variety of functions,” said environmental health scientist Dr. Molly Scanlon, FAIA, FACHA, director of standards, compliance and research at Phigenics. “Scientific evidence shows that commissioning the water system at building start-up is critical to reduce the growth and spread of waterborne pathogens.”

Founded in 2004, Phigenics sells comprehensive water management programs. These programs include regulatory compliance, data management and water testing analytical services, including Legionella testing services. As a non-conflicted, third party, Phigenics provides independent verification and validation that programs are defensible and water management goals have been achieved in the most cost-effective manner.