PhotonTec and LDI Innovation Partner On Spill Sensor Technology

The partnership provides access to LDI Innovation’s oil and fuel spill sensor technology and PhotonTec's customer and technical support.


PhotonTec and LDI Innovation Collaborate On Oil And Fuel Spill Sensor Technology
PhotonTec and LDI Innovation Collaborate On Oil And Fuel Spill Sensor Technology

PhotonTec, in partnership with LDI Innovation Ltd., is providing North American customers access to LDI Innovation’s LED-based fluorometric oil and fuel sensing technology as well as access to regional customer and technical support through PhotonTec, located in Atlanta, Georgia. The remote hydrocarbon oil and fuel spill monitoring technology functions for both water and dry surfaces. 

The BlueHawk and TinyHawk fluoro spill sensor can be used in various environments such as ports, airports, marinas, terminals, tank farms, industrial facilities, vessels, oil rigs, refineries, military installations, water intakes, waterways, and all water bodies. 

The oil and fuel spill monitoring technology’s notable features include:

  • Patented coaxial optical design (for high sensitivity, eliminates false alarms, high tolerance for varying surface distances, internal LED health monitoring and control)
  • Extra-long sensing distance range (33+ ft / 10+ meters) and wide scan/installation angle range (up to ±45 degrees from vertical)
  • UV-A / UV-B ultraviolet wavelength bands for detection of light oils such as jet fuels and gasoline
  • High available scan rates (up to 10 Hz)
  • Small size, light weight, low power consumption, and high NEMA (IP) rating (NEMA 6P / IP68)
  • Remote access for sensor configuration

Specifications for the spill sensor products include:

  • ATEx certified enclosures for explosive environments
  • Wired or wireless alarms
  • Standalone or networked operation
  • Chlorophyll-A detection in algae
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