How Safe Are Your Facilities?

If you haven’t thought about the security of your facility recently, maybe now is the time. Take this short quiz to find out how your facility stacks up.

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By Brivo

Where do you stand in your physical security? Is your score inline or out of bounds?

We recently came across a question that we had no answer to, which was, “How safe are today’s facilities and what are facility managers doing about it?”

To take the pulse of the physical security professionals, we went on a journey to find out what physical security solutions they use, how those solutions work for them, and how confident they are in the security of their facility.

The results showed that 61% of facility managers are overconfident in their security solutions.

That surprised us, as we were expecting to see the opposite. What we saw was that 61% of facility managers surveyed were NOT worried about physical security and 54% were very confident that unauthorized people were not gaining access to their facility. However, what we could not wrap our heads around was that 62% of facility managers are still using standard key cards/fobs or lock-and-key approaches. How could this be safe in a world where technology is prominent and keycards can be easily lost, shared, or duplicated?

This led us to wonder; how many facility managers out there are unaware of the inherent risks associated with their current physical security solution? Moreover, even if those risks are recognized, are they taking the correct precautions and using best practices to ensure the safety of people and assets?

Consider this:

  • 42.7% of inventory shrinkage is due to employee theft
  • 2,000,000 employees will report workplace violence each year
  • $156 is the average cost per stolen customer record

Are you doing everything you can to ensure you are not part of these statistics?

If you haven’t thought about the security of your facility recently, maybe now is the time.

We have created a very short quiz to check how your facility stacks up in physical security. Find out what your grade is. Take the quiz today.

Find out how secure your facility is.