PIG Grippy Floor Mats From New Pig

These adhesive-backed entrance mats are designed to eliminate trip hazards, because they do not shift, bunch up, or flip over once installed.

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PIG Grippy Floor Mat from New Pig

New Pig Corporation, a company focused on helping facility managers handle leaks, drips, and spills to create safer, cleaner and more productive environments, offers its PIG® Grippy® Floor Mats — entrance mats designed to keep facility entry areas and walkways safer and to reduce potential liability claims and costs.

PIG® Grippy® Floor Mat, an adhesive-backed absorbent mat, eliminates trip hazards commonly associated with standard carpeted or rubber-backed floor mats. That’s because there is no shifting, bunching up, or flipping over of the mats. Grippy stays flat and adheres to most common commercial floor surfaces, yet it is designed to peel up easily for disposal and change-outs. Grippy mats are super tough and built to last up to three months before change outs. NFSI Certified as a high-traction surface, Grippy mats help significantly reduce slip-and-fall claims when used as part of a floor safety program.

An engineered fiber matrix provides an efficient absorbent top layer that wicks moisture across the mat and dries fast eliminating puddles and slippery spots. A middle liquid-proof barrier layer prevents any liquid pass-through, protecting floors and providing safe walking surfaces. Also, due to its thin, lightweight design, Grippy Mat can be cut to fit any space.

entrance mats
PIG Grippy Carpeted Entrance Mat from New Pig

Grippy won’t rip, shred, or fray and is tough enough for heavy-duty walk-on and wheeled traffic. These are available for industrial and commercial use in rolls of 100′ or 50′, popular pre-cut mat sizes, and in various widths and colors.

This fall, New Pig is also introducing the PIG Grippy® Carpeted Entrance Mat (patent pending, and seen above). This product is designed to deliver maximum floor safety and an attractive appearance for entrances, lobbies, or waiting rooms. The PIG Grippy Carpeted Entrance Mat is available in a variety of colors and textures to rival high-fashion carpet mats. And like the other Grippy products, it is backed with New Pig’s proprietary adhesive.