PitMaster V Dock Face Sealing System

The two-part Rite-Hite system for vertical leveler applications helps maintain environmental control

Rite-Hite® has improved the sealing power at the fourth side of the dock with its PitMaster™ V Dock Face Sealing System. The product seals open gaps on the dock face and pit floor in vertical leveler applications, saving energy, improving pit cleanliness, and helping reduce infiltration of weather and contaminants.

dock face
BEFORE: Space between dock face and trailer remains unsealed.
dock face
AFTER: Gaps eliminated for maximum environmental control on the dock.

The PitMaster V consists of easy-to-install SealWheel™ and PitPad™ components, which work together to seal these open gaps. This simple two-part system installs quickly, requiring minimal dock downtime. Interactive sealing components adjust automatically to trailer and leveler lip position.

When a trailer backs up to a dock, there is typically an unsealed space between the dock face and trailer, which can drive up energy costs, as well as increase the risk of cargo compromise due to weather and unwanted pests. With the two-step system of the PitMaster V, the open gaps are sealed (PitPad) and the leveler lip has the ability to move and serve its purpose in virtually any vertical leveler application (SealWheel).

“A good loading dock enclosure seals all four sides of loading dock openings, and holds up against wear and tear from trailers that crush into it day after day,” says Mary Blaser, Director of Marketing for Rite-Hite Environmental Enclosures Corp. “The PitMaster V is designed to seal those vertical leveler applications, including when trailer doors are opened inside the building as a security measure.”

The durable PitMaster V is made of rugged materials that hold up over time and the components are individually replaceable as needed. Designs are available for standard as well as drive-through situations.

The PitMaster under-leveler seal is also available. Without PitMaster, the front of a typical dock leveler pit is fully open to the outside environment. Open spaces allow airflow in and out of a facility, and heat is constantly transferred through the steel deck of the dock leveler. Sealing the front of the leveler pit with PitMaster cuts energy loss in two ways. First, it closes open spaces that dock seals and shelters don’t seal, preventing the exchange of hot and cold air through a dock opening. Second, PitMaster helps prevent the transfer of heat through the leveler deck. By securely enclosing the front of the leveler pit, PitMaster creates a pocket of “dead air” beneath the dock leveler, which acts as a thermal insulator to keep heating or cooling energy inside a facility.