Planon Universe IWMS

Planon Universe is a cloud based Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) platform. It offers facilities role-based interaction within one technology, combining software solutions with best practices. All stakeholders (e.g., business users, real estate managers, engineers, service providers) are unified in a continuous process that aims for the optimum in workplace performance.

iwmsIWMS software solutions help reduce real estate and facility costs and increase business productivity in one go. They are based on a single database platform where multiple business processes from all disciplines are interconnected. This ensures quality management information, full compliance, and maximized monitoring and control.

Planon Universe offers a full IWMS suite of software solutions that are operated from one technology platform. This provides organizations with full transparency across their portfolio and processes, allowing for targeted efficiency improvements and cost reduction actions. Standardized, ready to use Planon Universe solutions include Real Estate Management, Space & Workplace Management, Maintenance Management, Integrated Services Management, and Sustainability Management.

The Real Estate Management solution delivers relevant strategic real estate information to help optimize portfolios. It supports processes for owners, tenants, users, and commercial providers to maximize the financial, technical, and functional performance of real estate and ensure strategy compliance and alignment.

Space & Workplace Management supports users in implementing space management and workplace strategies aligned with the changing needs of a facility. It brings relevant data like spaces, workplaces, floor areas, CAD drawings, departments, and people together in one central database. In addition, this solution supports a range of space and workplace allocation processes for different concepts. This includes fixed, shared, or dynamic space and workplace usage. Users can monitor utilizations, more efficiently use space, and offer a workforce easy access to meeting rooms and workplaces.

The Maintenance Management solution supports users in keeping facilities and assets in the required technical and functional condition. It collects relevant asset information and maintenance data in a central database so users can eliminate local administrations and increase control on costs, planning, and work execution.

Integrated Services Management helps deliver both people centric and workplace related support services (e.g., catering, cleaning, security, employee and visitor services, incident management). By registering all services agreements and contracts for both the demand and supply in a central database, users can monitor performance and improve execution.

Sustainability Management allows users to measure and monitor energy consumption, carbon emissions, and building and departmental costs. By registering and importing impact areas (e.g., energy, waste, and commuting data) centrally, users gain access to relevant KPIs that support decision-making and compliant reporting.

For all software solutions, Planon Universe includes a suite of best practices called Accelerator. This accelerates the initial implementation and drives continuous innovation to improve an organizations’ performance with tools to run operations. Pre-configured processes include workflows, catalogs, reports, dashboards, templates, roles, authorizations, data import facilities, and configuration descriptions. It also features industry standards from IFMA, CoreNet, CEN, OSCRE, LEED, and BREEAM. These can be used for benchmarking, chain integration, and the use of a common language.

All Accelerator processes are integrated-by-design. This facilitates cross-discipline processing, reporting, and analyses with the flexibility to adapt Planon innovations and new business processes. Besides the default Accelerator best practice, Planon Universe also offers market specific versions and a version especially for service providers.

Planon Universe role-based interactions include intuitive self-service apps that support employees in their daily work. Users can request a service, find a colleague, search for a free desk, or book a meeting room. In addition, web-based self-service functions allow users to enter a travel request, preregister visitors, or query requests and their status. Further, a personalized start page where all users can access relevant information and functions displays graphical dashboards, KPI’s, requests, approvals, and gadgets (e.g., maps, Twitter, weather). Users can also access all Planon solutions and processes.

Planon Universe IWMS also includes web-based and consistent interaction for front office hosts, planners, managers, financial controllers, or administrators. It provides task specific interfaces, context sensitive interactions, authorizations, graphical workflows, CAD integration, intuitive plan boards, search functions, and reporting. In addition, specialized mobile apps are available for field engineers that execute work on assets across the portfolio. These incorporate functions like time registration, health and safety validations, stock management, job closing, documentation, and customer sign off.