Portable AC Units Featuring Twist Lock Nozzles

The convenient technology is now available on Airrex's complete line of 1- to 7 ton spot coolers

Airrex USA now offers Twist Lock nozzles on its complete line of 1 ton to 7 ton portable air conditioners—designed for everything from server rooms and industrial plants to hospitals and commercial office spaces. This convenient technology makes installing and removing nozzles easier: users twist the nozzle counter clockwise to unlock and remove it or clockwise to reattach and lock it in place.twist lock nozzles

Traditional nozzles on competitive units are fastened with multiple screws, requiring additional time using small tools to remove and reattach them. Many users, like those in the rental market, consider this inconvenient and simply leave nozzles attached, making them difficult to store or leading to damage during transport. With Twist Lock technology, however, users can remove nozzles in a matter of seconds, simplifying transport and storage and reducing unnecessary maintenance and replacement costs.twist lock nozzles

Spot coolers available with Twist Locks include the HSC-36B, HSC-60/61/63, and HSC-70. All of the models operate in air temperatures from 68°F to 113°F with cooling capacities from 36,000 BTU to 84,000 BTU. These air conditioners utilize eco-friendly 410A refrigerant and feature two 7″ diameter front cold air discharge and 16″ diameter top warm air discharge. Optional Warm Air Duct includes 8′ long ducting and a 2′ x 2′ ceiling flange for warm air exhausting.