Portable Railing Helps Social Distancing

Superior Aluminum Products’ pre-assembled Ready Railing creates temporary boundaries

Ready Railing from Superior Aluminum Products is a portable railing system that can instantly create temporary boundaries to help with social distancing. Suitable for indoor or outdoor environments, this lightweight aluminum product comes pre-assembled and ready to use, saving time and effort.portable railing

Ready Railing is made of durable, high-quality aluminum that does not rust or rot, and is available in multiple colors, shapes, and designs to help create the desired atmosphere. Maintenance-free Ready Railing is suitable for restaurants, hotels, community events, outdoor venues, weddings, churches, funeral homes, and anywhere temporary barriers are desired.

Placement of the pre-assembled portable railing system is hassle free. Users place bases in the desired pattern or design, insert the railing panels into the bases, and bolt and screw each post for a sturdy finish. Once users are finished with, or need to move the Ready Railing system, they follow the instructions in reverse.

Ready Railing currently is offered in 4′, 5′, and 6′ black panel sections, each 36″ high, and dependent on the needs of the location, can be paired with single or double bases. These options allow for continuous runs of temporary barriers that can still be adjusted or removed. Double bases also aid in stability on corners. Panels and Bases are sold separately. Custom options are also available upon request.

“Social distancing is changing the way businesses operate, and many are looking for ways to serve customers beyond their traditional four walls,” said Superior President Doug Borchers. “Ready Railing helps them to establish temporary boundaries on sidewalks, on closed streets, and more, quickly and efficiently.”

Superior Aluminum Products are custom built to customer specifications, with CAD drawings created for layout, design, and manufacture. This allows them to identify and prepare for any slight difference or oddity in any area, and simplifies installation. The company’s products are designed to meet local, state, and federal building codes, including the American with Disabilities Act.


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