Prep School Chooses Scranton Products Lockers

Installed in the pool facility and weight room at St. Augustine Preparatory Academy in Milwaukee, Duralife lockers resist bacteria, mildew, and more.

Located in Milwaukee, WI, St. Augustine Preparatory Academy is well into its second year as a private Christian school specifically designed to provide low and middle-income families with the learning opportunities and amenities commonly found in more affluent communities. Strategically located in Milwaukee’s South Side, St. Augustine Preparatory Academy serves 900 Kindergarten-10th grade students and maintains the goal of reshaping the area’s educational landscape.

Photo: St. Augustine Preparatory Academy

Built with a $55 million donation from Gus Ramirez, chairman of Waukesha-based Husco International, St. Augustine Prep is now a dream transformed into reality. Situated on a 12-acre complex, the gleaming 225,000 square foot school embodies the principles of sustainability — self-managed stormwaters, maximized natural light, low emitting paints, and recycled finishes throughout the structure. Overall, the design projects a modern aesthetic with an environment highlighted by indoor and outdoor soccer fields, a large versatile theater, STEM labs, flexible classroom spaces, a health clinic, and natatorium complete with competition-sized swimming pools.

Kelsey Brenn, St. Augustine’s CFO, noted, “Few other grade schools in the area have pools. We have two, in addition to classes that teach lifeguarding skills.” This created the need for a particular type of storage space for St. Augustine’s young swimmers. In keeping with the school’s commitment to sustainability, Scranton Products, maker of lockers and bathrooom partitions, was chosen for its ability to provide customized individual storage in a damp, heavily trafficked environment.

Angela Ryun, interior designer for Korb + Associates, confirms, “Scranton Product’s Duralife® lockers fit perfectly into our concept. Their intrinsically simple, sturdy design was ideal for our pool and weight rooms. They make little if any noise and are especially resistant to moisture, graffiti, and everyday wear and tear — all extremely important qualities when dealing each day with hundreds of four to sixteen-year-olds.”

Scranton Products’ Duralife lockers at St. Augustine Preparatory Academy in Milwaukee, WI

Made from HDPE plastic, Scranton Products’ Duralife® Lockers naturally resist bacteria, odors, mold, and mildew. The non-porous surface is easy to clean, making it easy to wipe off graffiti with most non-abrasive cleaners or remove stickers and contact paper. If necessary, the lockers can also be power washed and steam cleaned without the worry of rust or corrosion.

Duralife® Lockers are National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 286 compliant, which ensures that, in the event of a fire, the Duralife lockers have minimal flammability characteristics. Scranton Products also maintains an ongoing commitment to the highest standards for indoor air quality, evidenced by Duralife LockersGREENGUARD Gold Certification, requiring strict criteria to meet the stringent standards for clean air.

Ryun expounds on the painstaking process of selecting each component of the school’s interior design. “We toured schools nationwide to maximize the space that will one day hold nearly 2,000 students. Durability and aesthetics were essential for ensuring achievement and comfort in a physical environment that can be very demanding and difficult to maintain.”

Brenn added, “We didn’t just open a learning facility, we developed a program that would serve the neighborhood by providing students with the skills, mindset and leadership abilities required to inspire growth and help others.”

Her enthusiasm is contagious as she goes on to explain, “Our mission is to provide the neediest children with the education they deserve. So far, these efforts have been transformational not only for our students, but also the community.”

Scranton Products is proud to have contributed to that mission by providing safe, secure lockers for St. Augustine’s future leaders.