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equipment inventoryPreventative And Deferred Maintenance Reality Check:
How Accurate Is Your Equipment Inventory?

Buildings are constantly changing, so facility leaders and maintenance teams chase a moving target when it comes to knowing where equipment and shutoffs are located in the field. Teams struggle to document these changes, often relying on memory.

This is compounded when organizations are forced to work in a “run to fail” environment and only perform equipment maintenance when needed. This causes unexpected failures with a tremendous financial impact. Fortunately, new technology allows for better equipment inventory and maintenance management, allowing facility managers to become more proactive while reducing unnecessary costs.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of accurate mechanical and emergency equipment inventory
  • How your mobile device can be used to inventory your equipment and provide quick maintenance information
  • Tips for catching up on preventative maintenance
  • How to plan for tomorrow by tracking equipment lifecycles

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How Accurate Is Your Equipment Inventory?

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