Primex Improves OneVue Sense Line

New environmental sensors help protect sensitive materials and prevent the loss of clinical resources

Primex released additional environmental monitoring solutions to enhance its OneVue Monitoring Platform. An easy-to-use tool for healthcare providers and facility directors, OneVue’s integrated platform monitors, synchronizes, documents, and alerts users to real-time conditions and changes in the environments and assets they manage. Designed to be an expandable solution, this latest release of OneVue Sense™ includes new functionality that monitors for contact closure and water leaks, in addition to leveraging a completely cloud-based software management system.

OneVue Sense“We understand the increasing challenges and demands being placed on healthcare providers to do more with less in a rapidly changing marketplace,” said Katie McMillan, Ph.D., healthcare product manager for Primex. “Through their daily experiences with using and customizing the OneVue system, our customers have helped us identify the opportunity for important product additions and enhancements.”

The OneVue system is used broadly by lab directors, clinical researchers, pharmacists, and other providers across a variety of healthcare settings. In addition to the new functionalities, OneVue monitors temperature, indoor air quality, and differential pressure, allowing clinicians to ensure drug safety, tissue integrity, and regulatory compliance. The cloud-based software is fully customizable, enabling users to schedule reports, alerts, and messaging to suit their specific needs, and synchronize many different types of devices across a facility.

With a range of environmental sensors, OneVue Sense helps users protect sensitive materials and prevent the loss of clinical resources. Some of these sensors include:

  • The OneVue Sense Temperature Sensor (formerly known as PrimexTEMP Sensor) uses intelligent recording and alerts to continuously safeguard valuable medications and other temperature-sensitive assets. This wireless temperature sensor connects to Primex’s cloud-based OneVue Monitor facility monitoring software platform and meets the strictest of CDC guidelines.
  • Facility managers must constantly monitor indoor air quality in order to properly store medication, protect their staff, and maintain isolation room integrity. The OneVue Sense Temperature and Humidity Sensor (formerly known as PrimexIAQ Series Sensor) consolidates this task to a single solution.
  • The OneVue Sense Differential Pressure Sensor (formerly known as PrimexIAQ Differential Pressure) requires a minuscule amount of air flow through the unit to detect pressure changes, making them suitable for monitoring AIIRs, operating rooms, construction zones, and other critical environments.

“We’re really excited about this newest release and its potential to have a positive impact on our customers and the people they care for,” said McMillan. “The healthcare professionals we work with are so compassionate and dedicated to making the patient experience the best it can possibly be, and we hope OneVue frees them up to focus on that important mission.”