PRIZM Lighting Releases Sēnik Duo Façade Luminaires

The Sēnik Duo façade luminaires by PRIZM Lighting were developed to create layers of light outdoor, architectural settings. 

The Sēnik Duo Façade Luminaires by PRIZM Lighting.

The Sēnik Duo façade luminaires Reflekt and Graze Līt by PRIZM Lighting were developed to create layers of light in outdoor, architectural settings. 

The Sēnik Reflekt is the flagship façade luminaire of the duo due to its ability as a floodlight, spotlight, wall washer, wall grazer, and overall façade fixture. The Reflekt has a native optical beam angle of 12° and can be tailored specifically using six different attachable lens accessories, including 25°, 35°, 50°, 65°, 35°x15°, and 60°x15° beam angles.

Other accessories include a baffled louver, a half glareshield, and several different mounting bracket options that enable mounting up to three different fixtures together.

The other half of the façade luminaires Sēnik Duo is the Graze Līt, a wall grazing and washing fixture made with anti-glare visors. With 1’ and 4’ length fixtures available, the Graze Līt’s less than 3” width makes it a functional fixture for placement in locations with limited space. 

Both the Reflekt and the Graze Līt are available in RGBW (3000K standard) as well as Static White (3000K, 4000K, and custom CCTs) versions. 

The Reflekt luminaire RGBW version has a lumen output of 7255 lumens per fixture, while the static white boasts up to 15044 lumens output per fixture. However, Reflekt can be mounted up to three fixtures on a single mount, expanding the lumen output greatly, giving the RGBW over 21000 lumen output and the static white 45000 lumens of combined output power. Additionally, Reflekt can be ordered with built-in, integrated wireless DMX using LumenRadio’s CRMX technology which features a 1000 meter signal range. 

Meanwhile the Graze Līt luminaire RGBW version puts out 552 lumens per foot, giving the 4’ version a total output of 2255 lumens, while the Static White version is capable of 1176 lumens per foot putting the 4’ version at 5109 lumens total. It also comes with mounting brackets that allow 90° of physical rotatability, as well as native 35° or asymmetric 40°x15° optics.

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