Prodigy FlyPipe Self-Climbing Hoist

ETC’s completely new approach to lowering and raising loads for display, storage, or production

ETC’s Prodigy FlyPipe is a self-climbing hoist for lowering and raising loads for display, storage, or production. It combines the simplicity of classic line shaft designs with that of a modern zero fleet angle hoist delivering a modular, easy to install rigging solution that does not impose lateral loads on the overhead structure. This makes installation possible in facilities that cannot accommodate counterweight rigging or would otherwise require significant structural reinforcement.self-climbing hoist

Prodigy FlyPipe is designed to help transform under-utilized spaces into creative environments. A space can be enhanced with lighting, sound, projection, or any other gear that may typically be avoided because it seems in the way.

A number of technology features are incorporated into Prodigy FlyPipe. TwinLine Clamps automatically manage the tension on each pair of TwinLine cables. The fail-safe motor brake and SafeStop secondary load arrest double the amount of safety to ensure safe overhead operation. SmartSlack technology detects multiple axis of hoist misalignment that could result from obstructions and safely brings FlyPipe to a stop. Local up/down controls give a high level of manual-control at an intuitive level. Hoists can be operated via QuickTouch, QuickTouch+, QuickTouch Preset, or Foundation series controllers.

self-climbing hoistAvailable in lengths of 18′, 28′, and 38′, Prodigy FlyPipe consists of three modular elements: a Drive Section, a Span Section, and an End Section. The shortest configuration, 18′, consists of the Drive and End sections with two TwinLine pairs of 1/8″ wire rope. The longest configuration adds two Span sections for a 38′ pipe with four TwinLines. Each section has a TwinLine, or set of two 1/8″ wire ropes. An aluminum strut channel integrated into the bottom of FlyPipe allows for easy installation of lighting fixtures, Unistrut curtain carriers/track, and other hanging hardware.

Prodigy FlyPipe can add curtains and speakers to transform a middle school cafeteria into a performance space for young artists, add accessible lighting and sound gear to a black box theater, and improve the visibility of worship services with projector screens or televisions. Installation locations are nearly limitless and working load limit is 500 pounds. Speed is 20 fpm at 60 Hz.

The safety features of Prodigy FlyPipe enable even young stagehands to be involved in the world of rigging technology. No more lifts. No more ladders. No more catwalks. No more heavy, dangerous, counterweight systems. This self-climbing hoist offers full accessibility for anyone and everyone.