Must-See Innovations In Lighting

These lighting solutions can be used to illuminate buildings and spaces of all shapes and sizes.

Compiled by the Facility Executive Staff
From the June 2022 Issue

With this assortment of innovations in lighting, you can meet your facility management goals in 2022 and beyond.

Sylvania Hi-PerformanceLED™
Downlight Gimbal by LEDVANCE

The SYLVANIA Hi-PerformanceLED Downlight Gimbal from LEDVANCE is a new family of recessed luminaires offered in three different sizes: 3″, 4″, 6″. The modern luminaires feature a slim form for an updated appearance compared to traditional designs. They are fully oriented to accent applications due to their narrow beam angle of 45°, feature 90° tilting lenses, and offer excellent color rendering (CRI 90).

Innovations In LightingFacility managers can choose from five different color temperatures to best suit the environment for any residential, hospitality, retail, or low-bay application. Users can also select their preferred brightness level thanks to the fixture’s phase-cut dimming, which ranges from 10-100%. The luminaires are offered in 7, 9, or 13 watts and offer uniform, glare-free illumination. They are wet rated and offer up to 88% energy savings.

Bellevue Luminaires
by Luminis®

Luminis introduced the Bellevue wall-mount and bollard luminaires with a modern rectilinear design to its Bellevue luminaire family. The luminaires are intended for parks, buildings, public squares, pedestrian pathways, alleys, parking lots, dealerships, shopping centers, and school campuses. Bollards are 42″ high with a 6″ x 4.5″ footprint. They are available in a single-or double-head mount in a T-shape. Both bollards and wall-mount fixtures are offered in different packages up to 7,800 lumens to address specific lighting applications.

Bellevue LuminaireAn advanced optical system creates a uniformly illuminated surface for powerful area lighting. All new bollard and wall-mount luminaires are 80 CRI, and available in Type I, II, III, or IV distribution. Designers can select a true amber LED for environmentally sensitive areas.

A marine-grade finish is offered for all fixtures, and the bollards are also available in a range of faux wood finishes. Additional features include photocell, surge protectors, and a ground-fault circuit-interrupter receptacle.

Ironclad® LED Light Fixture Series
by Shat-R-Shield, Inc.

The Shat-R-Shield, Inc. line of LED Light Fixtures are specifically designed for vandal-resistant applications and opportunities. The three LED fixtures are designed for use where impact resistance and/or washdown ratings are necessary for the life of the fixture, such as in correctional facilities, food processing plants, or general walkway area.

Innovations In LightingThe Ironclad General Duty Area fixture is intended primarily for correctional and behavioral facility applications. The fixture’s extremely low profile and compact housing is made to withstand abuse and features a rimless edge, providing a rugged lighting solution.

The Ironclad Light Duty Linear fixture is a rugged, LED-lighting solution that can be used in many applications. It’s ideal for any washdown or task lighting application, and tough enough to be used where impact resistance and possible vandal resistance is required.

The Ironclad High Bay/Flood Light fixture is a high-lumen output system combining two designs. The fixture’s ability to cover large areas by utilizing high lumen outputs and versatile beam angles allows for maximum coverage in applications such as hangers, building exteriors, and open recreational areas.

High Lumen Filament Lamps
by Technical Consumer Products, Inc. (TCP)

With a classic HID shape that fits into existing fixtures, TCP’s High Lumen Filament Lamps are designed to replace metal halide and corn cob lamps with 200 lumens per watt of LED innovation.

High Lumen Filament LampsDubbed as the “Corn Cob Killers,” the lamps are smaller than corn cobs, allowing them to be installed in most fixtures while maximizing lumen output and maintaining a traditional shape. They produce less glare than alternatives, as well as less heat while operating, leading to fewer failures and safety risks over corn cobs.

The “Corn Cob Killer” line currently includes three shapes: ED28, ED23, and ED17.  All shapes are available in 2200K, 4000K, and 5000K with a universal burn position that provides 360 degrees of light output. The lightweight, versatile lamps can be used in both open or enclosed fixtures and are ballast bypass.

A 50,000-hour-rated life, along with significant energy savings over traditional technology, makes the energy efficient LED lamps ideal for warehouses, gymnasiums, movie theatres, large outdoor areas, and more.

Tsunami 15
by U.S. Architectural

U. S. Architectural’s new Tsunami 15 is a low-profile luminaire with a stylized, cast aluminum day-form housing featuring a PLED high-value optical system with field-replaceable and field-rotatable optics for flexible, long-term performance.

Innovations In LightingThe Tsunami 15 is dark sky friendly with a BUG rating of U0. Its Ambience™ low luminance option is anchored by a precision cast, shallow aluminum door frame with a low luminance lens to reduce glare at lower mounting heights. The Ambience low-luminance lens diffuses the PLED optics, providing a more uniform luminance across the aperture and reducing glare at all angles while providing minimal loss with luminaire efficacies still exceeding 100 LPW.

The PLED system can be configured up to 256 watts to provide up to 30,000 lumens for 30′ parking lot applications, while the optional Ambience low-luminance lens is ideal for pedestrian scale applications.

Tsunami 15 is available with a variety of high-power white LEDs driven between 350mA and 1050mA. The LEDs are available in standard neutral white (4000K), cool white (5000K), and warm white (2700K and 3000K). The luminaires true amber LEDs (TRA-True Amber) emit light in the amber spectral bandwidth suitable for wildlife.