Advanced Load Management Technology, Legrand

EV Charging: What Is Advanced Load Management Technology?

Advanced load management technology is a bridge between increasing demand for EV charging and the capacity limitations of existing electrical infrastructure.
energy metering products

Innovations In Energy Metering

This assortment of energy metering products will help you keep tabs on your facility's energy efficiency.
Infinitum's Aircore EC Motor System

Infinitum Unveils Next Generation Aircore EC Motor System

The Aircore EC motor delivers higher levels of efficiency, power and torque density in a smaller, lighter form factor.
LG EV Charger

LG EV Charger Certified UL 2594 And Energy Star

The 11kW Level 2 AC LG EV charger model EVW011SK-SN has been certified to UL 2594 and to the EVSE Program Requirements for ENERGY STAR.

LG Electronics Unveils Owner-Operated AC And DC Charger Line

LG Electronics will enter the U.S. EV charger market in 2024 with its owner-operated AC and DC charger line.
Fault detection and diagnosis (FDD) webinar

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View this free video webinar to learn how fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) has become a critical part of the resilient facility team’s tech stack.
Eaton's G4 Rack Power Distribution Unit

Eaton Debuts G4 Rack Power Distribution Unit 

The G4 rack power distribution unit (PDU) allows IT infrastructures to streamline PDU procurement, deployment, and equipment utilization.
Smart Charging Solutions, Legrand EV Charger

Legrand’s Smart Charging Solutions: Revolutionizing Electric Mobility

Designed for facility owners and fleet managers, the Legrand EV Charger allows for remote monitoring, user authentication, and data analysis.
Enphase Energy's IQ8 Commercial Microinverters, featuring the IQ8P-3P Microinverter

Enphase Energy Launches IQ8 Commercial Microinverters

The IQ8P-3P Microinverter enables a peak output of up to 480 W, supporting small three-phase applications and high-powered solar panels.

[VIDEO] Case Study | Globalworth and Honeywell Forge for Buildings

Building owners face a dilemma – how to prioritize sustainable renewable energy while providing a people-centric environment in a cost-effective way. See how Globalworth leveraged Honeywell Forge in Romania and Poland to meet their goals.
Optimizing operations, Hybrid Office

View Our Free “Optimizing Operations In The Hybrid Office” Webinar

In this free video webinar, learn how optimizing operations in an office building has taken on newfound significance in the era of hybrid work.
ABM's EV Charging Network

ABM Unveils EV Charging Network

ABM completed the rollout of its ABM EV Charging Network, powered by its cloud-based ABM EV OS software in collaboration with Noodoe.

Leviton Expands VerifEye Submeters And Branch Circuit Monitor Line 

The VerifEye 3-Phase Submeters and 24-Circuit Branch Circuit Monitors support RS485, Ethernet, ModBus RTU/TCP, BACnet MS/TP, and BACnet IP.
power distribution

Legrand Releases Starline Series-S Track Busway

The track busway system has IP54, IP44, and NEMA-3R ratings, making it splash-proof, dust-resistant, and suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
Ericsson 5G site

Ericsson Launches Energy-Smart 5G Site In Texas

Located in Plano, the 5G site has the potential to be fully operated by solar energy, complemented by integrated Lithium-ion batteries, for up to 24-hours. 

GRC Introduces HashRaQ MAX

The HashRaQ was designed to enhance the performance, profitability, and sustainability of crypto mining operations.

Schneider Electric Introduces SpaceLogic RP-V

The SpaceLogic RP-V helps transforms building environment optimization as a new addition to Connected Room Solution.
Energy Management Solutions

Energy Management Solutions Product Focus

Consider this assortment of energy management solutions to help keep your facility running efficiently, while meeting your energy and sustainability goals.

Technology Is The Backbone Of A Successful Hybrid Workforce

Facility managers must choose technology that meets current and future needs and will create a successful hybrid workspace.
Nuclear Project Texas

Texas Manufacturing Site Selected For SMR Nuclear Project

Dow, X-Energy Reactor Company joint project will provide Seadrift, Texas operations with zero carbon emissions power and steam production.
facility resilience

From Prevention To Action: The Role Of Facilities Management In Handling Emergencies And Maintenance

This webinar will provide actionable strategies to safeguard your assets, protect lives, and ensure operational continuity.
Facilities Management Challenges, Budget Cuts

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View the archived recording and learn about the five facilities management challenges that are bleeding facilities budgets dry, and how to solve them.

[VIDEO] Job Order Contracting: Accelerating the Projects that Matter

This proven single-solicitation process accelerates project delivery while satisfying local bidding requirements. Learn all about Gordian’s JOC solutions .