A. O. Smith Debuts Emerge X Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater

A. O. Smith Unveils Emerge X Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater

The Emerge X Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater aims to deliver savings and reliable hot water for high demand commercial applications.
U.S. Boiler Company Introduces The Ambient Hydronic Heat Pump

U.S. Boiler Company Introduces Ambient Hydronic Heat Pump

The Ambient Air-to-Water Hydronic Heat Pump has a 5-ton capacity and operates in temperatures as low as -13°F, with a COP of up to 3.95.
Airthings launches Ventilation Rate Feature.

Airthings Launches Ventilation Rate Feature at AHR 2024 

The Ventilation Rate Feature provides insights to help gauge the efficiency of a building’s ventilation system.
indoor air quality

EPA Establishes Stricter Air Quality Standard

The EPA believes the stricter air quality standard will prevent up to 4,500 premature deaths and 290,000 lost workdays.

YORK YVWH Heat Pump First To Use R-1234ZE Refrigerant

THE YORK YVWH Water-to-Water Dual Variable Speed Screw Heat Pump is the first screw heat pump in North America to use R-1234ze refrigerant.
Lochinvar's FTXL Fire-Tube Boiler Line

Lochinvar Updates FTXL Fire-Tube Boiler Line

The FTXL fire-tube boiler line features Lochinvar’s SmartTouch capacitive touch screen with CON·X·US Remote Connectivity. 
HVAC Automation & Controls

HVAC Automation & Controls Product Focus

From software to pumps and compressors, consider this assortment of HVAC automation & controls products to run your facility efficiently and keep its occupants comfortable.

A. O. Smith’s X3 Scale Prevention For Tankless Water Heaters

The X3 Scale Prevention Technology enables uninterrupted functionality, reduces maintenance costs, and extends the unit's lifespan.

Bell & Gossett Debuts TECHNOFORCE HVAC Package System

The TECHNOFORCE HVAC Package System is a pre-assembled, turnkey solution that delivers shorter lead times and installation savings.
Airthings's IP64-Rated Space Nano Monitoring Device

Airthings Debuts Space Nano IP64-Rated Monitoring Device

The Space Nano is an IP64-rated device capable of monitoring humidity, temperature, pressure, mold risk, and lux, both indoors and outdoors.
Trane’s In Server Row Solutions for energy-efficient cooling.

Trane Debuts In Server Row Solutions For Temperature Control

Trane’s In Server Row Solutions is an energy-efficient cooling product for data centers and computer rooms. 

[VIDEO] Case Study | Globalworth and Honeywell Forge for Buildings

Building owners face a dilemma – how to prioritize sustainable renewable energy while providing a people-centric environment in a cost-effective way. See how Globalworth leveraged Honeywell Forge in Romania and Poland to meet their goals.
Poppy's Portable BreatheScore Kit And Training Program

Poppy Releases Portable BreatheScore Kit And Training Program

The BreatheScore Kit enables professionals to measure air changes, over ventilation performance, and comply with ASHRAE Standard 241-2023.
Aircuity's Adaptive Airflow Application for Cleanrooms

Aircuity Introduces Adaptive Airflow Application for Cleanrooms

The application delivers adaptive airflow for cleanrooms allowing for carbon reduction, energy savings, and precisely controlled IAQ.
Copeland White-Rogers 50E47U-843 Universal Hot Surface Ignition Module

Copeland Introduces Universal Hot Surface Ignition Module

The White-Rogers universal HSI module is compatible with existing HSI systems and meant to streamline inventory by replacing 325 part numbers.
Danfoss TGS380 and TTS450 Oil-Free Compressors

Danfoss Offers High Capacity, Oil-Free Compressors

The oil-free compressors operate in heating and cooling applications and across a range of low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerants.
YORK YMAE Air-To-Water Heat Pump

Johnson Controls’ Unveils Energy Efficient Air-To-Water Heat Pump

The YORK YMAE air-to-water heat pump is a sustainable solution for minimized environmental impact while heating and cooling facilities.

An Air Cleaning Alternative For The 21st Century

North Carolina State University researchers have developed an air filtration technology that catches and kills pathogens with up to 99.9% efficiency.
Energy Auditing, GridPoint

Energy Auditing 101: Rebounding From The Effects Of Extreme Weather

As we emerge from a scorching summer filled with record-breaking heat waves, the importance of managing energy consumption in commercial buildings is more evident than ever. See how an energy audit can help.

Greenheck Adds Fan Filter Diffusers To HLC Line

Greenheck added fan filter diffusers to its line of healthcare, laboratory, and cleanroom (HLC) air distribution products. 
Fault detection and diagnosis (FDD) webinar

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View this free video webinar to learn how fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) has become a critical part of the resilient facility team’s tech stack.
Optimizing operations, Hybrid Office

View Our Free “Optimizing Operations In The Hybrid Office” Webinar

In this free video webinar, learn how optimizing operations in an office building has taken on newfound significance in the era of hybrid work.

[VIDEO] Capital Planning Advice for Facilities

Creating a sustainable and adaptable capital plan will take a coordinated effort among decision-makers and a tactical plan of attack. Learn more.