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Focal Point Will Exhibit Cost-Effective and Installation Friendly Products at NECA Booth 3248

Architectural lighting manufacturer, Focal Point, will exhibit a wide range of cost-effective and installation friendly products at the National Electrical Contractors Association’s NECA Show booth 3248 taking place September 15-17 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.

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One of the products Focal Point will be exhibiting is the ID+ 4.5″ Downlight.

“I anticipate electrical contractors attending the show will not only be interested in the selection of new and proven products that we will be exhibiting, but also in the contractor services we offer,” stated Mike Thornton, Chief Marketing Officer for Focal Point. “For those who may not be familiar with Focal Point, we have a host of contractor tools to help make their job easier, such as our Field Service team and Quickship program.”

Contractors can take advantage of the Focal Point Field Service team, a dedicated group of professionals led by a former contractor. They typically respond to most inquiries the same day, and handle everything from providing installation tips and troubleshooting help to sending replacement parts. Being a vertically integrated company, the team has quick access to the manufacturing facility and inventory for quick turnaround parts, plus the expertise of the Focal Point Engineering team and staff electrician.

“Time is money and as everyone knows, those who can respond faster than others get rewarded,” said Thornton. “Our Quickship program makes a contractor’s job easier, meeting short project schedules quickly because the program gives them a wide assortment of luminaires to choose from with a shipping window of just five or 10 days.”

“Some of the new contractor-friendly products that will be featured are from our new Acoustic Solutions program,” continued Thornton. “These integrated luminaire and baffle systems simplify the sourcing and installation process. We are acutely aware of the need to create luminaires that meet contractor needs to reduce installation time and cost.”

The Acoustic Solutions program Thornton referenced features Seem™ 1 Acoustic, a flexible linear luminaire and baffle system designed to increase comfort and well-being. It will be displayed with lit and unlit units and is a suitable choice to meet a project’s design and budget demands. The integrated lighting and sound management system leverages the powerful light engine of Focal Point’s Seem® 1. It controls sound by utilizing the eco-friendly, patent-pending AirCore technology to maximize sound absorption with a per unit Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 1.05.

More new commercial products of interest to electrical contractors include the ID+ 4.5 Downlight with round and square apertures. Completely redesigned and launched in July, it offers contractor-friendly features such as a universal housing that accommodates ceiling thicknesses from 0.5 to 3 and provides options to change trims in the field. This luminaire delivers LED technology, offering improved performance and efficacy, easy installation, and increased flexibility.

The ID+ 3.5 Downlight—which is designed for shallow-plenum applications and field changeability—will also be on display and is part of Focal Point’s Quickship program.

Regarding established products, Focal Point will exhibit Amica® 2. An economical architectural troffer designed for shallow-plenum situations, it offers performance that meets the DesignLights Consortium® (DLC) Premium status. It’s also known for its integration capabilities with building control systems and is part of the Quickship program.

“We optimize luminaires with easy access to the LEDs and drivers, and simple mounting and installation features such as Seem joining. At NECA, we will display the simplified joining with a hands-on demonstration of Seem 1, Seem 2, and Seem 4-LP, as well as the ID+ 3.5 Adjustable Downlight,” remarked Thornton.

“All of the pieces are in place to help contractors succeed. It’s our goal to educate and continue helping them, and we hope to visit with many of the contractors who plan on attending NECA.”