Public Comment Period On Automated People Movers

The Transportation and Development Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers (T&DI/ASCE) announced earlier this week it will conduct a public comment period on Part 4 of its Automated People Movers (APM) standard (ASCE 21). In order to expedite the approval and release process, as well as to facilitate ease of use, the standard has been divided into four parts. Part 4 includes: operational monitoring, emergency preparedness, verification requirements, security requirements, and application specific acceptance requirements.

The standard establishes minimum requirements for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of APM systems, and is used in the safety certification process. The public comment period for Part 4 of the standard will be held from January 18, 2007 to March 4, 2007.

Interested parties can participate in the public comment period by contacting Phillip Mariscal, ASCE standards administrator, at or by calling (703) 295-6338.

For more information on the standard itself, or ASCE’s standards program, parties can contact Joan Buhrman at or (703) 295-6406.

Founded in 2002, the T&DI/ASCE acts as a global leader for safe, secure and sustainable integrated transportation and development. Founded in 1852, ASCE represents more than 140,000 civil engineers worldwide and is America’s oldest national engineering society.