Pure Air Control Services IAQ App

IAQ Quick Check allows users to gather the data needed to fix HVAC and indoor environmental issues.

Building owners, facility managers, purchasing directors, partners, among others are often faced with compiling the specific information needed to get a quote for HVAC system or indoor air quality (IAQ) projects. Sometimes there is only vague or incomplete background data for the project scope. This can result in less detailed specifications that can expose the project to change orders and lost time. Now there is a free IAQ app from Pure Air Control Services that helps collect the right information for the job.

IAQ appIAQ Quick Check is an IAQ app that provides a step by step process to input the necessary data for Pure Air Control Services to accurately quote indoor air quality testing or building and HVAC/Building restoration services. It allows the end user to quickly build a spec for the project scope, cutting out any guess work. It runs on both Apple and Android based devices.

How It Works

After the IAQ app is downloaded an account needs to be created with the users contact information. Then a verification e-mail is sent with login credentials. Upon logging into IAQ Quick Check users will be assigned an inspection ID number. The user will be greeted with an upper menu to start inspection, view archive, or logout and a lower menu of categories for the type of inspection being sought. The two main categories are Building Remediation Sciences and Building Sciences. Under each selection are types of services marked by descriptive icons.

Building Remediation Sciences

  • HVAC New Life (Restoration)
    • PURE-Steam (HVAC/Coil Cleaning)
    • PURE-Liner (Drain Pan Liner)
    • PURE-Cell (Closed Cell Insulation)
    • PURE-Coat (Interior/Exterior Paint)
  • PURE-Duct (Duct Cleaning)
  • PURE-Decon (Disinfection)
  • Drywall/Mold (Remediation)

Building Sciences (IAQ/IEQ Testing)

  • Building Health Check

To begin, users select the type of inspection needed. The IAQ app auto fills the inspector’s name and date. Next, under basic data the client’s or project name needs to be filled in along with building name, address, square feet, age, number of floors, and HVAC system type. Then there is a field to enter notes about the project or equipment. Finally, IAQ Quick Check provides the function to take and upload photos with request. This is especially helpful to visualize the nature of the project, jobsite, and/or condition of the equipment.

Once that is complete and submitted by touching the green checkmark button (this might take some time depending on the number of photos), a new page will come up with very specific information to the inspection type. Again, the necessary selections and inputs will need to be made. Additional notes and photos can also be added within this section IAQ Quick Check. When these details have been submitted the entire inspection is archived. Then the user can choose to add another category to the inspection, edit the inspection or, if finished, submit a pdf of the inspection to Pure Air Control Services for a quote.

Next Steps

After the IAQ Quick Check inspection is e-mailed, an estimator from Pure Air Control Services will review information and get to work on providing a basic quote. Depending on the nature of the scope and data sent Pure Air Control Services will personally follow-up to refine the request by outlining the project’s timeframe and budget. If warranted, a site visit might be required to accurately assess jobsite and conditions before the final quote is issued.

Users should make sure to validate their procurement process in order to seamlessly expedite the next step in procuring the IAQ/HVAC services. Nationally vetted cooperatives that are available from Pure Air Control Services include: E&I, PAEC/Florida Buy and TIPS, among others.

IAQ Quick Check is a great tool that can be utilized to streamline the quote process. This IAQ app is also helpful for archiving a database of historical project needs. It eliminates a lot of the back and forth time taken at the outset of a project allowing for a smooth process from start to finish. Best of all, both the IAQ app and getting the quote are free of charge.

To get IAQ Quick Check, users should search “IAQ Quick Check” in their device’s app store.