QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Air Conditioning Preventive Maintenance

This Question of the Week comes from the Facilities Management Professionals International group on LinkedIn.

How do I design a preventive maintenance management plan for split air conditioning units? Are there any formats or templates that already exists?

A.H.M. Sayef Hossain
Facility & Maintenance Senior Assistant Manager
Dhaka, Bangladesh

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  1. Fortunately, today there is not much to split systems that are typically 5 tons or less. Depending on the outdoor conditions washing the outside condensor coil twice per year. Once per year checking the refrigerant level and contactor condition. Depending on the indoor air quality change the indoor air filter every one to two months. As the system gets to be older, say 5-10 years, watch the amp draw for increases in the outdoor condensor coil unit. This will show signs of the fan or compressor motor wearing out. Every 10-years an indoor evaporator coil may need to be cleaned.

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