QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Dealing With Disasters

This Question of the Week comes from the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) Group on LinkedIn.

Now that businesses, municipalities, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and life in general are starting to return to normal operations after dealing with Hurricane Sandy and the Nor’easter that followed, many facility managers need to keep in mind the hazards that are present.

While it may seem tedious, it is important for us to make sure expensive equipment is actually ready to have electrical power restored. I have been given the following checklist to help get things back to normal:

  • Check to make sure the electrical system is intact and that the service (outside) is still connected to the building service wiring.
  • Check the electrical panel inside to make sure it is not still wet or has not been compromised by the flood waters. Maybe even have an electrician check this for you.
  • Do you have any electrical appliances or equipment connected? Disconnect this equipment until you determine it is not compromised.
  • If you have natural gas in the building, make sure that the system is not leaking.
  • Do you store any flammable or combustible liquids? If so what condition are they in?
  • Do you have a hazardous material spill?

While these concepts seem thorough, I’m wondering if there are any items I may have missed. Any assistance provided will be greatly appreciated.

Name withheld upon request
New York, NY

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