QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Electronic Cigarettes In The Workplace

This Question of the Week comes from the Corporate Real Estate and Facilities Management Group on LinkedIn.

Are electronic cigarettes (E-Cigs) subject to the same smoking policy ban in facilities as regular cigarettes? Federal agencies (including the U.S. Department of Transportation and the U.S. Air Force) have banned the use of these products based on the Surgeon General’s report in 2010 classifying e-cigarettes as “tobacco products.” Does this mean we need to revise tobacco-free policies in the workplace to include e-cigarettes as a form of tobacco?

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New York, NY

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  1. E cigarette is not a tobacco product and it is proved. As it is smokeless and tobacco less smoking device it should not be banned in working places.

  2. If these e-cigarettes are having tobacco products and it is scientifically proved, then it must be banned in the work place as per the law.

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