QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Facility Management Inspections And Reports

This Question of the Week comes from the BOMA International Group on Linkedin.

I am wondering if any of you find that creating facility management inspection reports is a problem? I am beginning to think that one goes to do an inspection and that goes (fairly?) quickly, only to come back to the office and spend several hours putting together photographs, notes, observations, and all of the other details needed in order to create the report of the inspection. In the end, you spend more time creating the report than you do making the inspection of the actual site.

Has this happened to you? Could you share your experiences?

Jose Luis Cortes Populus

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  1. Regrettable, but unavoidable. The office time is productive as it actually helps you to extract the value of your site time, so that the data can be meaningfully interpreted, interrogated and reported. eg. You can only get to a building FCI after you consolidate all the data. You can shorten the process by the use of (uncomplicated) templates to facilitate input.
    Hope this helps.
    Jay Ramchander
    Thembelani Facilities Consultants

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