This Question of the Week comes from the INDUSTRY THINKERS: Facility Management group on Linkedin.

Q. Can taking a lean approach and employing lean principles be successfully applied to office cleaning?

If so, what are the key areas for ensuring successful deployment and implementation?

Lee Haury
Area Facilities Manager
Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

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  1. Yes LEAN principles can be applied with great success in the cleaning industry.

    Successful deployment and implementation depends on the skills of the facilitator (Black Belt/Consultant etc.) as well as the cooperation of the senior management, and then the staff attitude directly involved in the cleaning, as they can buy and come up with ideas or sabotage the projects.
    A couple of quick wins would be:
    1. By using the power of computing to automate and organise cleaning processes
    2. Apply scientific principles to cleaning operations to validate performance and improve quality
    3. Making crews more efficient by methodical organisation of the cleaning process
    4. The best tools for the job


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