Question Of The Week: Paper Towel Shortfall?


Posted by Anne Cosgrove

TD Garden, home of the NHL Boston Bruins and NBA Boston Celtics, is being sued by Alan Dershowitz, a Harvard Law School professor emeritus. In 2012, Dershowitz had a slip and fall accident in one of the facility’s restrooms for which he has received medical treatment, including ongoing physical therapy. Dershovitz slipped on a puddle of water and has blamed on a lack of paper towels near the sinks for the puddle. Dershowitz’s suit says the paper towels were not restocked in the bathroom for at least an hour.

The complaint filed in court seeks $6,000, stating: “The bathroom at this time — and plaintiff believes for at least 60 minutes before his entry into the restroom—had no paper towels to allow male patrons to dry their hands post washing of them. This dangerous condition allowed water from the recently washed hands of each of the myriad bathroom users to drip or be ‘shaken’ onto the floor, negligently creating a hazardous situation for all users.”

Have you encountered complaints due to lack of paper towels? Is this a heightened issue for facility management departments that employ hand dryers only? How do you ensure your restrooms are safe from standing water?

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