QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Pink Noise Vs. White Noise

Posted by Heidi Schwartz

This week’s question comes from the Facilities Management Group on LinkedIn.

What is your take on pink noise vs. white noise? Is pink noise just hype? Or is it worth the extra money?

Glenn Foster
Facilities & Construction Manager
Finance & Real Estate Division
Rochester, NY

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  1. As a certified industrial hygienist (IH) who currently performs sound measurement from an IH perspective and a retired electrical engineer who has designed electronic circuitry and knows more than one should about noise (as a musician), my 2 cents…Generating pink noise should not cost more than generating white noise, brown noise, purple noise, or any other color of noise. Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling you something.

    • I am not a facilities professional–rather, I am someone who reports on issues that have an impact on the facilities management profession. I am hoping by posting this, someone within the community will comment.

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