QuickDrain ProLine Stainless Steel Linear Shower Drain

Ideal for tub-to-shower conversions in hospitality, healthcare, and institutional spaces, the drain offers high-style, superior function, and ease of installation.

The ProLine linear shower drain by QuickDrainUSA offers minimalist style, impeccable performance and ease-of-installation to help interior designers and remodeling contractors create jaw-dropping, zero entry showers and wet areas that allow wheelchair access and ADA compliance.

ProLine linear shower drain
ProLine Linear Shower Drains by QuickDrain USA

Ideal for tub-to-shower conversions in hospitality, healthcare and institutional spaces, the stainless steel drain features a fully sloped, one-inch deep and one-inch wide trough where water exits through either a vertical or a side waste outlet, making it easy to accommodate existing plumbing. The integrated drain, combined with pre-sloped shower panels and waterproofing accessories, represents a total shower solution for effective and efficient drainage.

Use of linear drains also offers cost and labor savings as installers need to create only a single slope, compared with a conventional four-directional slope used with center point drains. Eliminating the compound slope in the shower pan also opens up new opportunities for design, allowing users to create an uninterrupted flow from bathroom to shower with beautiful large format tile and solid surface materials.

Other features of the ProLine drain include:

  • Field flexibility: ProLine drains allow for the construction of accessible showers that do not have to be recessed into the floor. Instead, shower pans can be set flush to the subfloor, resulting in a great looking curbed or curbless shower without the expense.
  • Fully sloped drain trough: The drain’s fully sloped trough promotes efficient water drainage to minimize slip hazards and reduce mold, mildew and bacteria growth.
  • On-site adjustability: Perfect for almost any existing plumbing application, stackable spacers allow installers to adjust the height of the drain coverto ensure it’s flush with the floor. Likewise, trough extensions and covers may be trimmed after the body is installed, providing wall-to-wall coverage.
  • Superior adaptability: ProLine can accommodate a poured shower pan or QuickDrain’s own Quickslope PET (polyethylene terephthalate) rigid-foam panels. The latter is an environmentally friendly option, fabricated from recycled, plastic water and soda bottles, that also considerably reduces installation time and labor cost.

The transitional styling of ProLine lends itself to both traditional and contemporary décors. Applications encompass both residential and commercial spaces, including hospitality (hotels, resorts and casinos), as well as wet rooms in health facilities, nursing homes, dormitories and other barefoot areas, such as spa/pool surroundings and locker rooms.

Because ProLine easily connects to the existing drain line and doesn’t require the use of a two-piece clamping collar, this stainless steel linear drain allows for the rapid construction of curbless or curbed showers, with minimal impact to the subfloor. ProLine can be customized to adapt to various jobsite situations, including adding or upsizing outlets and customizing lengths. Trough extensions allow the drain body to extend wall-to-wall for full coverage, efficient drainage and a beautiful aesthetic.

The ProLine drain can also be used to create contemporary trough bathroom sinks. The Schedule 10 stainless steel sink drain length, including flanges, is 20-inches, while the finished length is 18-inches. In addition to sink drains, the ProLine is a great tool to create unique outdoor and pool applications, especially with a variety of decorative drain covers to complement every location.

ProLine linear shower drain
The Michael Graves-designed Stream linear drain cover from QuickDrain USA are approved for curbed and curbless showers.

The late Michael Graves, one of the most prominent and prolific American architects of the latter 20th century, collaborated with QuickDrain on two drain covers that reflect his iconic Postmodernism outlook.

Grave’s Cosmo and Stream cover designs are crafted from durable 18 gauge or solid 304 stainless steel. Both are offered with a brushed stainless steel finish, while the Cosmo is also available in a polished stainless finish. The slim-profile covers are removable, per code, and available in sizes ranging from 32-inches to 72-inches.

Five additional cover designs round out the seven available options for the ProLine drain series. A TileIn cover option is designed to accept an insert of the same tile or solid surface material used in the shower to yield a drain that virtually “disappears.”