Quickie Manufacturing Corp. Cleaning Tools

Brooms, Mops, Dusters, Scrub Brushes, and Related Accessories for Commercial Applications.

Quickie® Commercial Products are cleaning tools from Quickie Manufacturing Corp. They are made specifically for the professional and commercial user. The line includes purpose-built brooms, brushes, mops, dusting tools, and related accessories that are designed and engineered to perform better and last longer.cleaning tools

Quickie Commercial Products offers a full product catalog including a wide range of cleaning tools for all commercial needs.

Medium to heavy-duty upright and push brooms feature lacquered, solid hardwood broom heads and handles and tee pee braces that are powder-coated steel and geometrically ribbed for increased strength. The high-impact polypropylene blocks have built-in scrappers and braces to prevent loosening of the handle. The line includes a 24″ Medium Surface Push Broom, a 24″ Rough Surface Push Broom, a 24″ Smooth Surface Horse Hair Push Broom, a 24″ Smooth Surface Natural Tampico Push Broom, a 24″ Smooth Surface Push Broom, a 24″ Rough Surface Poly Push Broom, a 24″ Rough Surface Palmyra Push Broom, an 18″ Multi-Surface Push Broom, a 24″ Multi-Surface Push Broom, a 24″ 2 In 1 Squeegee Push Broom, a 24″ Multi-Surface Push Broom with Fiberglass Handle, a Twin Sweeper™ Angle Broom, a Large All-Purpose Angle Broom, a Stiff Fiber Upright Broom, a Job Site Broom with Fiberglass Handle, and a Heavy-Duty Warehouse Corn Broom. A Telescopic Window Washer & Squeegee, 24″ Heavy-Duty Rubber Floor Squeegee, Snap on Dust Pan with Brush Set, Jumbo Debris Dust Pan with Handle, and Giant Debris Collector are also available.

A range of medium to heavy-duty brushes and sponges stand up to harsh environments. The line includes a Floor Scrub Brush, Contoured Scrub Brush, Acid Brush, a Deck Scrub, 20″ Gong Brush, 8½” Gong Brush, a Bowl Brush, Bowl Brush and Caddy, a Bench Brush, Horse Hair Bench Brush, a 36 pack of All Purpose Microfiber Towels, Multipurpose Large Durable Scrub Sponges, and Heavy Duty Large Durable Scrub Sponges. Many of the brushes and sponges contain Microban® antimicrobial protection to keep odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew from growing in between product uses.

A variety of products are offered for mopping needs, many of which contain Microban, and handles with either metal or resin clamps. The WipeOut® Microfiber Twist Mop has a large, ultra-soft, microfiber head for reaching and cleaning behind objects. Other products include an Over-Sized Sponge Mop and Refill, an Over-Sized Roller Mop and Refill, a 16 oz. Cotton Deck Mop, and a No. 32 Heavy-Duty Wet Mop along with cotton and wet mop refills.

Quickie Commercial Product dusting tools make cleaning easier and more efficient with some ergonomically designed for user comfort. The line features a Microfiber Flexible Duster with a head that flexes and contours to reach tight spaces and between objects; a Flip & Shine™ Microfiber Floor Mop that dry dusts and damp mops while also buffing away unwanted surface marks; a Swivel Soft™ Microfiber Hardwood Dust Mop, a combination microfiber and chenille dust mop that attracts dirt and dust with patented 360° swivel connector that helps reach into all corners and along baseboards; and a 36 pack of 14″ x 14″ All Purpose Microfiber Towels. These microfiber products use mycro-touch® technology, proven to remove 99% of bacteria, allergens, and dust

Quickie Commercial Product cleaning tools are sold through traditional Commercial Distribution.