QuickScreen Radon Test Kit

Radonova launches a full-service charcoal radon screening solution

QuickScreen™ from Radonova Laboratories is an activated charcoal (AC) radon test kit that widens the company’s portfolio of radon measurement technologies. It has a 48 to 96-hour exposure period—making it a fast method of obtaining a preliminary screening in workplace and residential environments. The product is deployed under closed home conditions and mailed immediately back to the lab for analysis.radon test kit

Radonova’s QuickScreen charcoal detector service includes the use of RadOnline, a proprietary customer web portal that customers use to capture detector measurement data and track the status of projects. RadOnline is a suitable tool for measurement contractors testing workplaces and multi-family buildings. The online tool validates the detector serial number, ensuring measurement data and relevant detector numbers are valid. RadOnline captures the property name and address of the building/measurement commission, as well as individual measure point details such as deployment dates and times, measurement point location, room, and other identifiers for location.

RadOnline also acts as a central repository for measurement data and provides the user with the ability to search for and download analytical data, 24/7.

radon test kitThe QuickScreen device is small and convenient, yet contains considerably more charcoal than commonly used competing devices. QuickScreen’s large amount of Activated Charcoal (35+ grams) increases test sensitivity and decreases the occurrence of saturation by water vapor. The test can be deployed either by laying the kit on a flat surface or hanging it from an object.

Compared to metal canister radon tests, the plastic tray of QuickScreen is lighter and more cost effective. This allows for lower pricing, easier handling during deployment and retrieval, and more affordable return shipping, while still providing ample protection during the shipping process.

radon test kitQuickScreen does not have an expiration date when properly stored in a low humidity, climate-controlled environment. Each radon test kit is sealed in high quality nylon bags. The bags are specifically designed to have low diffusion rates, which prevents water vapor and other gases from entering the test kit prior to its deployment.

“We’re excited to offer a solution that meets the challenges radon measurement professionals currently face,” said Bill Rounds, President of Radonova. “QuickScreen is sure to save measurement professionals time, money, and frustration, while providing a reliable lab and reporting service that gives customers the ability to track all their projects at a high level, as well as down to the individual measure point. Simply put, we want to provide the best, most reliable and comprehensive service possible to our customers.”

The QuickScreen radon test kit includes information sheet with instructions, free FedEx two-day shipping, activated charcoal tester, mailer for return to the laboratory, and copy of the report.