QuickStand Lite Sit-Stand Workstation

Flexible, lightweight equipment enables a range of motion and promotes activity in any workspace

QuickStand Lite™ from Humanscale® is a red dot award winning sit-stand workstation that can be attached to any existing, fixed-height desk. Its minimal footprint frees up space, and its adjustability is suitable for corporate workspaces, temporary hot desks, collaborative workstations, and check-in points.sit-stand workstation

QuickStand Lite features a counterbalance mechanism that enables users of varying heights to transition from sitting to standing positions with ease, offering 20″ of total height range and an added 5.5″ of vertical monitor adjustment. An adjustable keyboard and monitor arm platform provide stability while typing. Users can seamlessly position and reposition the sit-stand workstation in any direction within a 40″ radius thanks to the articulating arm. Effortless functionality encourages users to be active throughout the day.

sit-stand workstationThe main assembly of QuickStand Lite holds single or dual monitors up to 25 pounds and can be converted to either configuration with minimal tools and components. In addition, a cable management system keeps work surfaces clean and uncluttered. The sit-stand workstation is available in white and silver or black on black and is built with highly recyclable aluminum parts. It measures 19.2″ H x 25.6″ W x 22.4″ D to 41.6″ D. Maximum monitor width is 24″.

Designed and developed in New York City by Humanscale’s Design Studio, QuickStand Lite was created by Ross Velazquez, Industrial Designer II and Rajiv Katwala, Design Engineer IV, under the direction of Brad Augustine, Director of Design Engineering and Mesve Vardar, Design Director.

“The Humanscale Design Studio was inspired to create a sit-to-stand workstation that would encourage collaboration and complement any office environment, especially hot-desking spaces,” says Mesve Vardar, Design Director. “The result is a height-adjustable tool that encourages healthy movement throughout the day and offers ergonomic comfort for each unique user—all while the tool’s complex engineering system is hidden beneath a clean and minimal aesthetic.”


  1. Looks like a pretty neat solution! Are you able to adjust the position of the keyboard in relation to the monitor?

    • Per Humanscale, “yes, there is a lever on the mount for the monitor that allows you to move the monitor up and down to achieve a comfortable position.”
      Thank you for asking!

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